All the money in the world

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German title All the money in the world
Original title All the money in the world
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length 132 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Ridley Scott
script David Scarpa
production Dan Friedkin ,
Bradley Thomas ,
Quentin Curtis ,
Chris Clark ,
Ridley Scott,
Mark Huffam
music Daniel Pemberton
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Claire Simpson

Alles Geld der Welt (Original title: All the Money in the World ) is an American film by Ridley Scott from 2017 . The thriller is based on a script by David Scarpa , which in turn was inspired by the 1995 non-fiction book Painfully Rich by the British author John Pearson . The subject is the kidnapping of the US billionaire grandson John Paul Getty III in Rome in 1973 .

The world premiere was originally planned on November 16, 2017 as the closing film at the American Film Institute Festival (AFI Fest). In the wake of the Kevin Spacey scandal , who was confronted with allegations of sexual harassment from the end of October 2017, the film team and Sony Pictures decided to cut all scenes with Spacey as Jean Paul Getty from the film and to re-shoot them with Christopher Plummer . The originally planned regular theatrical release in US cinemas distributed by Sony subsidiary TriStar Pictures was postponed by three days and took place on December 25, 2017. The film was released in German cinemas on February 15, 2018.


In 1973, 16-year-old John Paul Getty III (Paul), grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who at the time was the richest private citizen in the world, was kidnapped in Rome by an organized crime ring. The kidnappers demand a ransom of $ 17 million. Flashbacks show that Paul's parents, Gail Harris and John Paul Getty Jr., divorced in 1964, and that Gail refused any alimony payments in exchange for full custody of their children in the divorce settlement so that she did not have the financial means to to pay the ransom. She travels to Getty's property to ask him to pay the ransom, but he refuses, explaining that it would encourage further kidnappings among his family members. The media picks up the story that many believe that Gail is rich herself and blames her for refusing to pay the ransom. Meanwhile, Getty asks Fletcher Chase, a Getty Oil negotiator and former CIA agent, to investigate the case and secure Paul's release.

Paul is held hostage in a remote location in Italy. Initially, his kidnappers, especially Cinquanta, are tolerant of him because his quiet and submissive behavior hardly causes them any problems. However, the situation became more and more tense as the weeks went on, as the time it took to pay the ransom is much longer than the kidnappers expected. A dispute arises over whether Paul should be moved to a new place as winter is approaching and his hiding place is not suitable for cold conditions. The situation worsens again when one of the kidnappers shows his face to Paul, leading one of the others to kill the man for his foolish mistake. His burned and disfigured body is recovered in the river; Investigators mistakenly identify him as Paul's body, but his mother Gail examines the body and refutes it.

With the new trace of the corpse, Chase is able to locate Paul's hiding place. Several kidnappers can be killed in the following access, but Paul is no longer there. He was sold to another criminal organization. The new kidnappers are much less patient with Paul and are more aggressively negotiating with the Getty family to get the ransom. After repeated negotiations with Gail and Chase and disappointment with the kidnappers at how long the process would take, they cut the price down to $ 4 million. Getty eventually decides to contribute to the ransom, but only $ 1 million - the maximum amount he can claim as tax deductible. In addition, he demands that Gail sign an official document in which she gives up her parental access rights to Paul and her other children and gives her ex-husband to Getty's son. She reluctantly signs it.

The kidnappers cut off one of Paul's ears and sent it to a major newspaper. They claim they will continue to maim him until the ransom is paid. When prompted by an angry Chase, Getty finally gives in and agrees to pay the full ransom, also invalidating the document previously signed by Gail. Gail and Chase take the money to Italy and follow the kidnappers' instructions. They leave the money in a remote location and are instructed to pick Paul up from a construction site. The frightened Paul flees from the place in the direction of the next city, which is however miles away. Meanwhile, the kidnappers realize that Chase broke his word and brought the police to them; furious, they decide to find Paul and kill him. Chase, Gail, and the kidnappers arrive in town to look for Paul. One of the kidnappers finds Paul first, but Cinquanta attacks the man to allow Paul to escape. Chase and Gail find Paul and smuggle him out of the country to safety.

Getty dies of unknown reasons and Gail is tasked with managing her children's inherited wealth until they are of legal age. The company was set up as a charitable trust, which means Getty's income is tax-free, but not expendable either. He's invested a lot of it in paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts that Gail begins to sell. Most of them are now in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


In March 2017, it was announced that British director Ridley Scott would direct the film. Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman were originally in discussion for the female lead . Filming took place in Italy until July 2017. Mark Huffam and Dariusz Wolski as cameraman could be won as producer . Both had worked in their respective positions on Scott's five previous film projects. The score is composed by Daniel Pemberton , who previously worked with Scott on The Counselor (2013).

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Christopher Plummer (left) has been signed to replace Kevin Spacey, the original cast member of Jean Paul Getty.

The American actor Kevin Spacey was originally engaged for the role of Jean Paul Getty . Spacey claims to have wanted to work with Ridley Scott for almost two decades. To look authentic in the role of 80-year-old Jean Paul Getty , the 58-year-old actor had to have make-up for five hours a day. In the wake of a scandal involving Spacey at the end of October 2017, which men confronted with allegations of sexual harassment and then came out as homosexual, the film team and Sony Pictures decided in early November 2017 to end all scenes with Spacey as Jean Paul Getty from the film to delete and re-shoot with Canadian actor Christopher Plummer. The 87-year-old was also reportedly the first choice for Ridley Scott, but the director was under pressure to choose a better-known actor. Due to the decision to re-shoot, six weeks before the regular theatrical release, the prestigious premiere date on November 16, 2017 as the closing film at the festival of the American Film Institute (AFI Fest) could not be held. The entire film team of Alles Geld der Welt and the leading actors Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams had unanimously voted in favor of the deletion of Spacey. Spacey had worked on Alles Geld der Welt for about eight to ten days . In addition to re-shooting with Plummer, all of the advertising material for the film had to be revised.

The re-shoot with Plummer began on November 20, 2017. According to the industry service Variety , a “rough” final version of Alles Geld der Welt should have been available from December 4, 2017 to show it to members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) in New York . Scott's directorial work was thus able to qualify for possible nominations at the Golden Globe Awards 2018 . As of December 18, 2017, Sony has scheduled screenings for members of film awards committees in cities such as Los Angeles , New York, London and San Francisco . The originally planned US theatrical release on December 22, 2017 was postponed by three days.

Around the same time as Alles Geld der Welt , the television series Trust ( FX ) was created, in which director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy also took on the kidnapping case involving John Paul Getty III. Their leading roles were cast with Hilary Swank (Gail Harris), Donald Sutherland (Jean Paul Getty), Brendan Fraser (James Fletcher Chace) and Harris Dickinson (John Paul Getty III).


The German-language dubbing was created by RC Production based on a dialogue book by Hannes Maurer , who also directed the dialogue .

role actor Voice actor
Gail Harris Michelle Williams Marie Bierstedt
Fletcher Chase Mark Wahlberg Oliver Mink
Jean Paul Getty Christopher Plummer Lothar Blumhagen
John Paul Getty III Charlie Plummer Sebastian Fitzner
Cinquanta Romain Duris Nico Mamone
Oswald Hinge Timothy Hutton Oliver Siebeck
John Paul Getty II Andrew Buchan Alexander Doering
Giovanni Iacovoni Giuseppe Bonifati Julien Haggége
Chipmunk Nicolas Vaporidis Riccardo Vino
Prince Al-Rashid Ghassan Massoud Tayfun Bademsoy
Otto Lam Rainer Sellien Rainer Sellien
John Paul Getty III (aged 7) Charlie Shotwell Carlos Fanselow
Borroni Lorenzo Pedrotti Björn Schalla
Millicents Olivia Grant Cornelia Waibel
Nancy Stacy Martin Nicole Hannak
editor Matteo Carlomagno Claudio Maniscalco
Corvo Andrea Piedimonte Marcus Off


In mid-September 2017, the first trailer for Alles Geld der Welt was published, at that time with Kevin Spacey in the role of Jean Paul Getty. Critics noted that Spacey could not be recognized in the scenes shown due to the makeup used. His portrayal has been compared to that of Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour , and Spacey and the film were traded as possible Oscar candidates. A first trailer with Christopher Plummer as Jean Paul Getty was released in late November 2017.

After its release, the film received mostly positive reviews in the Anglo-American region. On the Rotten Tomatoes website , Alles Geld der Welt currently (as of January 2018) has a rating of 77 percent, based on the rating of over 140 English-language reviews and an average rating of 7.1 / 10. The bottom line is: “'All the money in the world' offers a gripping portrait of a true story, overwhelmingly brought to life by a strong performance by Christopher Plummer.” On Metacritic , the film received a rating of 73 percent, based on over 40 evaluated Reviews.


For the Golden Globe Awards 2018 , director Ridley Scott and the two actors Michelle Williams (Best Actress - Drama) and Christopher Plummer (Best Supporting Actor) were nominated.

At the 2018 Academy Awards , Christopher Plummer was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.


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