The Martian - Save Mark Watney

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German title The Martian - Save Mark Watney
Original title The Martian
Logo Der Martianer - Save Mark Watney.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 144 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Ridley Scott
script Drew Goddard
production Ridley Scott,
Mark Huffam ,
Simon Kinberg ,
Michael Schaefer ,
Aditya Sood
music Harry Gregson-Williams
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Pietro Scalia
One of the locations: Wadi Rum in Jordan
The position of the base on Mars, the Acidalia Planitia
The area in the Schiaparelli crater where the Ares IV capsule is waiting
Mark Watney's route in a simulated topographical map by the DLR Institute for Planetary Research

The Martian - Save Mark Watney (Original title: The Martian ) is an American science fiction film by director Ridley Scott from 2015 , based on the novel The Martian by Andy Weir . The film is about the astronaut Mark Watney, who is left there after an accident on a mission on Mars and has to fight for his survival from now on, as well as about the worldwide efforts to rescue him. The main actor is Matt Damon . The film premiered on September 11, 2015 at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released in German-speaking cinemas on October 8, 2015. In the United States, an Extended Edition version of the film about ten minutes longer was released for the video market.


The team of the space mission "Ares III" is exploring Mars . On the 18th day of their stay ( Sol 18), a dangerous sandstorm forced them to stop their work. You have to flee the planet in a hurry. Astronaut Mark Watney is injured on the way to the Mars Return Module (MRM) and remains unconscious out of sight of his comrades. Because his damaged spacesuit is no longer sending any bio-signals, it appears to the other crew members as if he did not survive the accident. Since the MRM threatens to tip over in the storm, Commander Lewis decides against another search for Watney in order to save at least the rest of the crew from the surface of Mars. The team arrives at the spaceship “Hermes” in Mars orbit and begins its return journey to Earth.

Watney, however, survived the accident. His spacesuit was pierced by a flying antenna, but the blood that had leaked from the wound has clotted and sealed the damaged area. Watney rescues himself in the "Hab" , the base station, treats himself and in the further course develops a plan how he can replenish his supplies and survive until the next Mars mission, Ares IV, arrives in four years. He is a botanist and grows potatoes in a mixture of the crew's excrement and Martian soil . It produces water by catalytically decomposing the remaining hydrazine from the firing section of the MRM with iridium and burning the hydrogen in the air in the hab, thus watering the cultivation soil. He accompanies all of these measures in a video log book and comments on his own condition and actions in a sometimes succinct tone of voice.

Gradually, he is rebuilding all the systems that the storm damaged or polluted. Meanwhile, Vincent Kapoor, head of Mars missions, asks NASA director Teddy Sanders to give him time at the observation satellite to investigate the scene of the accident. This forbids this out of fear of negative PR and budget cuts by Congress if photos of Watney's corpse get into the media. Kapoor nevertheless commissioned the satellite specialist Mindy Park with the investigation. In the photos she discovers changes on the Martian surface around the base. Since the day of the accident, some equipment such as the solar panels have been cleaned and others such as the rover have been moved.

Meanwhile, Watney is converting the remaining rover so that it can cover longer distances with it. It almost doubles the range of the battery modules by not using the heater and using the batteries of the second, unusable rover. As a heat source inside the passenger cell, he installs the radioisotope generator that the crew buried at the beginning of the mission in order to dispose of it. Watney finds the Mars robot Pathfinder , which has had no contact with Earth since 1997, and uses its camera to establish a simplified communication link to Earth. He communicates with the team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which has an exact replica of Pathfinder, by setting up boards with the characters of the hexadecimal system and translating the camera movements triggered by the earth into ASCII characters . The engineers at JPL can instruct him to modify the rover's operating system so that he can exchange messages with NASA using the keyboard using Pathfinder. The news of Watney's survival attracts worldwide attention, but the other crew members of Ares III have no idea at first, as Sanders has forbidden to inform them in order not to endanger their concentration on the return journey. They are only informed at the urging of crew leader Mitch Henderson.

Meanwhile, there is a devastating accident on Mars when the pressure lock leaks and explodes. Watney succeeds in sealing the resulting hole in the living dome with a plastic film, but all the potato plants freeze to death and all that remains is the previously harvested potatoes and remnants of the station catering, which will be enough for around 200 Sol less than the previous one Rescue plan would be required. Henderson and JPL Director Bruce Ng urge Sanders to launch an unmanned supply missile to provide food to Watney until Ares IV arrives. However, due to a lack of time, NASA waived safety tests and the supply rocket exploded shortly after launch.

The situation seems hopeless until the China National Space Administration proposes to NASA to use one of their own, actually secret, launch vehicles to supply Watney. However, the schedule is very tight and one mistake could mean Watney's death.

The way out of this situation is found by the young JPL astrodynamicist Rich Purnell, who is developing a rescue plan. After that, the Ares III crew would not land on Earth as planned, but use the force of gravity to deflect it and return to Mars with the collected momentum. Before that, it is supposed to take up a supply capsule above the earth that was brought into space by the Chinese launcher. Sanders refuses to agree to this plan; he is of the opinion that it makes more sense to bring the rest of the crew back safely to Earth than to risk their lives in addition to the Watneys. Henderson then secretly sends Purnell's plan to the Hermes crew, who then decide to manipulate the Hermes so that they can fly back to Mars. NASA is forced to play along and sends the Hermes the space capsule with the supplies for the crew and Watney.

Meanwhile, Watney makes the long journey with the rover to the Schiaparelli crater , the landing site of the future Ares IV mission, where the MRM, which landed some time ago, stands for this mission. He has now used up almost all of his reserves, but his will to survive seems unbroken.

According to Bruce Ng's plan, the MRM has to be lighter than planned, as the Hermes would otherwise not have enough fuel for the rendezvous. So Watney has to remove all unnecessary parts: all superfluous seats, control units and all redundant systems as well as all windows and the 400 kg ceiling panel. He replaces this with a lashed parachute. To protect himself from the vacuum of space , he wears his spacesuit , and Rick Martinez is supposed to take control of his ship by radio from the Hermes.

When the Hermes reaches orbit on Mars, Watney takes off. He makes it into orbit with the capsule, but the calculations of the Hermes crew show that their distance from Watney's capsule is too great. To get the Hermes on the right course, Martinez uses the steering jets, but the relative speed of the spaceship is still too high. Therefore, Alex Vogel constructs a bomb to blow up an airlock in the direction of flight. The recoil of the outflowing air slows the Hermes down heavily, and Commander Lewis gets out to pick up Watney. But the distance to Watney's capsule is still too great and the safety line is too short. Finally Watney cuts open his glove and uses the escaping air as a drive to overcome the remaining distance to Lewis so that she can catch him and bring him safely aboard the Hermes. Watney's Rescue is celebrated as a globally broadcast media event.

Five years later, Mark Watney is sitting on a bench in front of the NASA building and is greeted respectfully by a group of jogging astronaut students. He is now a lecturer at NASA and involved in training new astronauts. While parts of the credits are faded in, you can see the successful start of the Ares V mission to Mars, in which Rick Martinez is again participating. Also, some of the other people involved are briefly shown in their current lives.


Literary template and staff

The film is based on the novel The Martian by Andy Weir . This was adapted for the film by Drew Goddard . Directed by Ridley Scott .


Matt Damon took on the title role of Mark Watney, the botanist and engineer of the mission. Jessica Chastain plays the commander and geologist Melissa Lewis, Kate Mara plays NASA's navigator and computer specialist Beth Johanssen, and Michael Peña plays USAF pilot Rick Martinez . Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie played the role of the only German on the mission, Dr. Alex Vogel, who accompanies them as chemist and navigator at ESA . Sebastian Stan took on the role of Dr. Chris Beck, NASA doctor and field specialist. Jeff Daniels plays Teddy Sanders in the film, Chiwetel Ejiofor played Vincent Kapoor, Kristen Wiig played Annie Montrose and Sean Bean played Mitch Henderson. Furthermore, Benedict Wong can be seen in the role of Bruce Ng, Eddy Ko as Guo Ming, Donald Glover in the role of Rich Purnell and Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park. The German journalist Frederik Pleitgen took on the role of a CNN spokesman.

While most of the actors involved in the film first worked with the director Ridley Scott , Ejiofor was in Scott's film American Gangster (2007) in front of the camera. Damon and Chastain had already worked together on an extraterrestrial adventure in Interstellar in 2014 .


Most of the film was shot at Korda Studios in Etyek near Budapest . Some outdoor shots were taken in Wadi Rum in Jordan .


The German dubbed version was produced by Interopa Film ; Axel Malzacher directed the dialogue based on a dialogue book by Klaus Bickert .

role actor Voice actor
Mark Watney Matt Damon Simon hunter
Melissa Lewis Jessica Chastain Manja Doering
Beth Johannssen Kate Mara Marieke Oeffinger
Rick Martinez Michael Peña Tim Sander
Alex Vogel Aksel Hennie Viktor Neumann
Chris Beck Sebastian Stan Ricardo Richter
Teddy Sanders Jeff Daniels Wolfgang Condrus
Vincent Kapoor Chiwetel Ejiofor Torben Liebrecht
Annie Montrose Kristen Wiig Ulrike Stürzbecher
Mitch Henderson Sean Bean Torsten Michaelis
Bruce Ng Benedict Wong Lutz Schnell
Rich Purnell Donald Glover Nico Sablik
Mindy Park Mackenzie Davis Julia Kaufmann
CNN spokesperson Frederik Pleitgen Frederik Pleitgen


Age rating

In Germany the film is FSK 12 . The statement of reasons for the release states: “The film contains some dramatic situations and moments of tension, which children from the age of 12 can handle without any problems. [...] In addition, ironic moments and humorous sayings by the hero allow sufficient emotional distance from the events. "


Eric Kohn of IndieWire compares the film to Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and calls it an "intelligent blockbuster". Peter Debruge of Variety says The Martians was "plausible" and was moving "towards a very realistic version of a manned mission to Mars ." He also believes the film will not only make Fox big bucks, but it could " rekindle interest in space travel " and "inspire a new generation of future astronauts ." From the German Film and Media Review was the Martians - Save Mark Watney with the predicate particularly valuable provided. The jury particularly praised the personification of Mark Watney by the main actor: "In this role, Matt Damon seems so intelligent, stoic and down-to-earth that Scott can do without any heroic exaggeration, for example through a film music full of pathos." The film scored 91 percent Convince the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes , based on 355 reviews.

The former science astronaut Ulrich Walter illuminates the film in his blog on N24 from the point of view of an astronaut and allows himself a swipe at the direction of literary scholars: “One should simply not let literary scholars review such films. […] Let an astronaut and scientist tell you: This film may not be technically perfect and full of clichés, but if you turn a blind eye from time to time, it is for American films despite (perhaps because of) the lack of it typical bang and thump, mercilessly well done and in my opinion the best that there is in space films to this day. "

Gross profit

The film's budget of 108 million US dollars was set against income of 486.4 million US dollars just one month after its theatrical release. The film topped the US film charts in four weeks. On November 30, 2015, it was announced that The Martian had hit the $ 500 million mark worldwide. Outside North America, the film has grossed $ 326.1 million to date and is Scott's most successful film there. He is replacing Prometheus - Dark Characters , which had grossed 278 million US dollars outside of North America. In April 2016, global revenues were over $ 630 million. In comparison, the box office results of the two Mars films from 2000 Mission to Mars and Red Planet were $ 100 million and $ 30 million, respectively.


Matt Damon before a press conference at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival

The Martian - Rescues Mark Watney received over 100 nominations from a wide variety of national and international awards, including the National Board of Review Awards 2015, the 2015 Satellite Awards of the Critics' Choice Movie Awards in January 2016, the 66th Eddie Awards of American Cinema Editors , the Darryl F. Zanuck Awards , the AACTA International Awards 2016 and the MTV Movie Awards 2016 . The following list shows the nominations and awards of particularly popular award ceremonies.

Academy Awards 2016

Golden Globe Awards 2016

British Academy Film Awards 2016

Saturn Award ceremony 2016

Teen Choice Awards 2016

  • Nomination in the Choice Movie: Drama category
  • Nomination in the category Choice Movie Actor: Drama (Matt Damon)
  • Nomination in the category Choice Movie Actress: Drama (Jessica Chastain)

Hugo Awards 2016

  • Award as Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form


The original soundtrack for the film Der Martianer - Save Mark Watney was released on November 2nd, 2015. The total length of the soundtrack is 52:53 min.

Title list of the soundtrack

  1. Mars - 3:36
  2. Emergency Launch - 3:09
  3. Making Water - 2:38
  4. Spotting Movement - 1:49
  5. Science the S *** Out of This - 2:16
  6. Messages from Hermes - 3:31
  7. Sprouting Potatoes - 1:39
  8. Watney's Alive! - 2:46
  9. Pathfinder - 2:33
  10. Hexadecimals - 2:33
  11. Crossing Mars - 3:36
  12. Reap & Sow - 2:21
  13. Crops Are Dead - 3:26
  14. Work the Problem - 1:58
  15. Leaving Mars - 5:11
  16. Build a Bomb - 5:06
  17. I got him! - 4:45

On November 6, 2015, a deluxe version of the soundtrack was released, which contains nine additional songs (33:06 min):

  1. Turn the Beat Around ( Vicki Sue Robinson ) - 3:24
  2. Hot Stuff (Album Version) ( Donna Summer ) - 5:12
  3. Rock the Boat ( The Hues Corporation ) - 3:19
  4. Don't Leave Me This Way (Single Version) ( Thelma Houston ) - 3:37
  5. Starman ( David Bowie ) - 4:14
  6. Waterloo ( ABBA ) - 2:46
  7. Love Train ( The O'Jays ) - 2:58
  8. I Will Survive ( Gloria Gaynor ) - 3:17
  9. The Martian Score Suite ( Harry Gregson-Williams ) - 4:19

The soundtrack in the deluxe version has a length of 85:59 min.

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