The Counselor

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German title The Counselor
Original title The Counselor
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length Theatrical Version: 117 minutes Extended Cut: 138 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Ridley Scott
script Cormac McCarthy
production Ridley Scott,
Nick Wechsler ,
Steve Schwartz ,
Paula Mae Schwartz
music Daniel Pemberton
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Pietro Scalia

The Counselor is an American thriller from the year 2013 under the direction of Ridley Scott . The original script was written by Cormac McCarthy .


The counselor ( lawyer ) said protagonist buys a very expensive at a merchant Amsterdam diamond engagement ring . Back in the USA, Laura accepts his marriage proposal. To finance his lavish lifestyle, he plans a one-time drug deal with his friend, drug baron Reiner, and wants to open a nightclub with him. However, Reiner warns him of the dangers lurking in the drug business. Westray, who was involved in the deal, also warns the lawyer, who is completely inexperienced in the drug business, of the extreme methods of the Mexican drug mafia. The counselor goes into business anyway. The drug load is lost, however, and he is held responsible by the cartel . It turns out that the unscrupulous Malkina, Reiner's friend, has spun an intrigue to get the money for the summons. Reiner is murdered. Malkina follows on the heels of Westray, who fled the cartel to London. With the help of an attractive accomplice, she gets the data on his secret money reserves and has him murdered. The counselor's fiancée is kidnapped by the cartel. Despite his desperate efforts, he fails to get her back; Laura's body is disposed of in a garbage dump.


On January 18, 2012, it was announced that Cormac McCarthy had sold a script entitled The Counselor to producers Nick Wechsler, Paula Mae and Steve Schwartz, who had previously produced the film adaptation of McCarthy's novel The Road . On January 31, it was announced that Ridley Scott would likely direct the film. This was confirmed on February 9th.

Filming for the film began on July 27, 2012 in London and also took place in Spain and the USA. On August 20, 2012, Scott suspended production due to the surprising death of his brother Tony . Filming then continued on September 3rd.

The film played (as of February 21, 2018) more than 71 million worldwide US dollar one.

Jefe compares the councelor's situation to that of the Spanish poet Antonio Machado , who lost his wife to tuberculosis and would have done anything to save her. He then quotes a line from his collection of poems Campos de Castilla .


The German dubbing was created in 2013 by the dubbing company RC Production . Frank Schaf directed the dialogue.

role actor Voice actor
The Counselor Michael Fassbender Norman Matt
Laura Penelope Cruz Claudia Lössl
Malkina Cameron Diaz Katrin Fröhlich
Purer Javier Bardem Carlos Lobo
Westray Brad Pitt Tobias Master
Diamond dealer Bruno Ganz Bruno Ganz

Film music

The soundtrack for the film was composed by Daniel Pemberton . Pemberton recorded the score with a full orchestra at Abbey Road Studios . In an interview, Pemberton said: "Ridley reacts unusually well to the interesting, sometimes unusual noises in the score". An album with the accompanying soundtrack was released on October 22, 2013 under Milian Records .


The film received mixed to negative reviews. At Rotten Tomatoes , only 34 percent of the 207 reviewers gave the film a positive rating.

“'The Counselor' is a thriller in which greed and fear are crucial factors in decision-making. There are decisions for the maintenance of a dissolute standard of living, for the possible breaking of moral boundaries and the tail of the consequences if everything finally goes down the drain. 'Greed is good' was postulated by Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street . Not so in "The Counselor," as greed is the driving force behind inevitable doom. The times have changed. However, this exciting story runs like a 400 m hurdles, because the philosophical insertions from the pen of top author Cormac McCarthy (which " No Country for Old Men " have rounded off well) the film can only barely thanks to Ridley Scotts (" Prometheus - Dark characters ") to overcome convincing thriller direction."

- Lars Bieker :

“As a cinematic experience, 'The Counselor' is not without entertainment value. And yet you can't get rid of the feeling that McCarthy's story of the lawyer whose career as a criminal ends before it even begins has its real home on the pages of a novel. A large part of the excellent cast knows how to make the highly stylized language of the author their own, but with regard to the staging by Ridley Scott, this cannot be said 100 percent. Even if it is undoubtedly pretty to look at. "

- Thomas Zimmer :

"The thriller based on the first movie script by the writer Cormac McCarthy, with cool dialogues, distinctive characters and ice-cold murders, lays a trace in a cynical labyrinth that turns out to be a dead end."

- Bianka Piringer :

“The first original movie script by the writer Cormac McCarthy serves as the basis for one of the most consistent“ film noir ”, whose existential pessimism is mainly expressed in long, sarcastic dialogues. The plot opens up only gradually in a maze full of fatalistic consequences and then often so hopelessly that the viewer would like to end up under the illusion that the whole thing was just a nightmare. "


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