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Allitera publishing house
legal form Imprint / GmbH
Seat Munich
management Alexander Strathern
Branch Publishing, service company for self-publications (until 2017)

The Allitera Publishing is an imprint of BOOK & media, Society of Book and Media Services GmbH , which until mid-2017 than with BOOK & media identical occurring mixed businesses whilst book title transferred with its own business risk and next as printing costs Verlag "in close cooperation with Books on Demand " for out of print titles professional authors as well as in direct connection with an agency for publication services also belonging to BUCH & media for the creation of self-publications . The company's homepage, which has been redesigned since then, identifies Allitera Verlag exclusively as a book publisher and has outsourced it under the name “Die Buchprofis” as an agency for individual or complete publication services - but Allitera Verlag does not use the publisher's name in the imprint, but continues to do so as "BUCH & media, society for book and media services mbH", while "Die Buchprofis" appear as "A company of the book and media society for book and media services mbH", all three under the same postal address.

Company history

Founded by Wolfram Göbel, Allitera Verlag was presented in 2001 at the Frankfurt Book Fair as a company of the "BUCH & media Gesellschaft für Buch- und Mediendienstleistungen mbH". Right from the start, the company was one of the first to use the then newly developed digital printing process of "print-to-order" ( Book-on-Demand ) from the Norderstedt printing company Books on Demand (BoD) in order to save high production costs for offset print runs and storage fees. Up until 2017, the focus was on this printing process, particularly for self - publications produced by printing publishers and self - publishing houses , while the titles of the series established as a "publisher" such as edition monacensia are also published in fixed editions in offset printing .

Since 2017 are within the GmbH Munich Book & Media two divisions, book publisher and cost Verlag in conjunction with publication services no longer connected via their websites, but both companies Alexander is Strathern one hand as "publisher and managing director" or as a "book pro" and "Managing Director " in front. The umbrella company Buch & Media GmbH has only had its own homepage since mid-2018 , which presents the company's various “brands”.

Business models

As an imprint of Munich Buch & Media GmbH , the Allitera Verlag placed a focus on the services of a cost publishing house , more or less in association with the publication service provider who has been contacting authors under the label Die Buchprofis ("A company of Buch & media GmbH") for support of self-publications or titles in self-publishing (including mediated by the “largest German self-publishing provider”).

There was also the business model of a printing cost publisher for out-of-print titles e.g. B. by the Friedrich-Bödecker-Kreis identified authors, according to which the authors on the one hand received a standard contract agreed between the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and the Association of German Writers , but had to bear all costs incurred for the production, so that the company only hereby took a comparatively low business risk - however, especially in the early years, the costs for the authors were considerably lower due to the interaction of Allitera with Books on Demand compared to other printing publishers. At the beginning, this offer from Allitera referred in particular to the new editions of out of print titles by professional contemporary authors in the series Allitera Krimi and Die Schatzkiste, established for this purpose .

On the other hand, series such as the Lyrikedition 2000 have been published by this company, according to its publisher Florian Voss , at its own risk from the very beginning, as have those titles for which, as in edition monacensia , the copyrights have already expired and which were presented in offset printing .

The business models mentioned openly identified the company as a mixed company until mid-2017, which acted as a service provider for self-publications and as a book publisher at the same time . Since their relaunch , the company's website has reversed this more clearly, as the Münchner Buch & Media GmbH now appears as an interlinked mixed company of Allitera Verlag and Die Buchprofis .

Series and editions as a publisher

Under the umbrella of Allitera Verlag , further imprints from BUCH & media GmbH are or were integrated as series titles, including a .:

Printing cost publishers

The two following specific book series offers, especially in the early days of the company, were aimed exclusively at professional authors who had their out-of-print book titles published under the terms of a printing company . In addition to the customary standard contract agreements on fee percentages and the conditions for self-acquisition, the authors had to bear the mastering costs of Books on Demand completely themselves.

  • Allitera Krimi - crime novel series; Formerly Verlag der Criminale , which was founded together with the group of authors Das Syndikat . Among them, however, "increasingly exciting original editions by young authors, anthologies and regional thrillers" appeared.
  • The Treasure Chest - a series of children's books with titles by authors such as Klaus-Peter Wolf founded in 2001 under the "patronage" of the Friedrich Bödecker Circle .

Self-publication services (books on demand)

  • BUCH & media - cost publishing for self-publications without further specifications such as binding to a genre or series. In 1999, BUCH & media founded the company Die Buchprofis for publication services in the run-up to self-publication . Since the middle of 2017, BUCH & media resp. the BUCH & media, Gesellschaft für Buch- und Mediendienstleistungen mbH in the imprint of the book publisher Allitera Verlag as an identical label and for the agency Die Buchprofis as a superordinate label.

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