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The form of administration (from application , “application”, “administration” of drugs, from Latin applicare , “to combine”) or administration form is the way in which a drug is administered. The dosage form must be selected according to the form of administration, i.e. the way in which the drug is prepared (e.g. tablet , suppository ).

Examples of application forms

Application form meaning
aural In the ear canal
buccal on the cheek mucosa
endobronchial (e. b.) into the bronchus , administered via an endotracheal tube
enteral Supply via the intestine
epidural synonymous with peridural; Injection into the epi / peridural space for epi / epidural anesthesia
inhalative (p. i. = by inhalation) over the lungs
intraarterial ( i.a. ) into an artery
intra-articular in a joint
intragastric in or in the stomach
intragluteal in the gluteus muscle
intracardiac Injection into the heart
intracutaneous (i. c.) into the (leather) skin
intralumbar Injection into the lumbar section of the dural sac
intralymphatic into a lymph node
intramammary through the teat canal into the mammary gland
intramuscular (i. m.) into a muscle
intranasally in the nose
intraneural into a nerve
intraocular in the eye
intraosseous ( OK ) into a bone
intraperitoneal ( i.p. ) into the abdominal cavity
intrapleural into the chest cavity
intrapulmonary in the lungs
intraruminal in the rumen of ruminants
intratracheal (i. t.) into the windpipe
intraurethral into the urethra
intrathecally Injection into the liquor space of the dura mater (meninges)
intrauterine in the womb
intravenous (i.v.) into a vein
intraventricular into the cerebral ventricles
intravitreal in the vitreous humor
oral / peroral (p. o.) over the mouth
parenteral bypassing the intestine (no application form of its own, it contains many of the above)
percutaneous over the skin
peridural synonymous with epidural; Injection into the epi / peridural space for epi / epidural anesthesia
perineural into the connective tissue of the nerves
rectal over the rectum
retrobulbar behind the eyeball
sublingual (see left) under the tongue
subconjunctival under the conjunctiva
subcutaneous (s. c.) under the skin , in the subcutis
systemic Application form that leads to a distribution of the active ingredient throughout the body (as opposed to "topical")
topical Local application with the aim of a local effect (as opposed to "systemic")
transdermal through the skin, the active ingredient enters the bloodstream through the skin
vaginal into the vagina