Army Wives (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Army wives
Army Wives Logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2007-2013
ABC Studios ,
The Mark Gordon Company
length 60 minutes
Episodes 117 in 7 seasons ( List )
genre drama
idea Katherine Fugate
production Mark Gordon ,
Marshall Persinger,
Katherine Fugate
music Marc Fantini,
Steffan Fantini
First broadcast June 3, 2007 (USA) on Lifetime

Army Wives is an American drama series that aired on Lifetime between June 3, 2007 and June 9, 2013 . With 117 episodes in seven seasons, it is the longest-running series on the station. It was produced by ABC Studios . The series is about four women and one man whose spouses are in the Army .


The series begins with Roxy deciding to marry Trevor LeBlanc and move to the army base with her two children. There she first has to find her way in her new life as an Army Wife and takes a job in the local bar. Over time, she met Claudia Joy Holden and Pamela Moran, who is pregnant with twins , at the base. Meanwhile, the psychiatrist Roland Burton tries to get back together with his wife, who has just returned from Afghanistan . Another housewife in the group is Denise Sherwood, who has to cope with the anger of her son Jeremy and the strictness of her husband Frank.

Pamela went into labor at a Claudia Joy tea party. She gives birth to the children in the bar where Roxy is working at the time. Pamela is a surrogate mother. But she and her husband have problems because they are not doing so well financially. However, she soon notices that she can rely on her new friends even in difficult situations. After the end of the first season, all four and Roland became close friends.


Main cast

role actor image Main role
Supporting role
Roxanne "Roxy" Marie LeBlanc Sally Pressman Sally Pressman 1-6 7th
Claudia Joy Holden Kim Delaney Kim Delaney 1-6
Denise Sherwood Catherine Bell Catherine Bell 1-7
Pamela Moran Brigid Brannagh Bridgid Brannagh 1-5 6-7
Joan Burton Wendy Davis Wendy Davis 1-7
Michael James Holden Brian McNamara   1-7
Dr. Roland Burton Sterling K. Brown Sterling K. Brown 1-6 7th
Trevor LeBlanc Drew Fuller 1-6 7th
Emmalin Jane Holden Katelyn Pippy   2-4 5-7
Frank Sherwood Terry Serpico Terry Serpico 3-6 1-2, 7th
Tanya Gabriel Erin Krakow   6th 4-5
Jackie Clarke Kelli Williams   6-7
Gloria Cruz Alyssa Diaz   6-7
Hector Cruz Joseph Julian Soria   6-7
Maggie Hall Torrey DeVitto Torrey DeVitto 7th
Latasha Montclair Ashanti Ashanti 7th
Holly Truman Elle McLemore   7th
Katherine "Kat" Young Brooke Shields Brooke Shields 7th

Supporting cast

role actor Supporting role
Guest role
Chase Morgan Jeremy Davidson 1-5 6th
Jeremy Sherwood Richard Bryant 1-5 6th
Finn LeBlanc John White Jr. 1-7
Toby Jack "TJ" LeBlanc Luke Bartelme 1-4
Connor Christie 5-7
Lucas Moran Jake Johnson 1-5
Katherine "Katie" Eileen Moran Chloe J. Taylor 1-5
Martha Brooks Gigi Rice 1-2 6th
Lenore Baker Ludwig Rhoda Griffis 1-4
Amanda Joy Holden Kim Allen 1 2
Emmalin Holden Caroline Pires 1
Evan Connor Matthew Glave 2-3
Jennifer Connor Mayte Garcia 2-3
Logan Atwater Paul Wesley 2-3
Terrence Price Clifton Powell 3-4
Bryce Ogden Jeff Rose 3-5
Chief Tim Parati 3-7
Grant Chandler Harry Hamlin 4-5
Clayton Boone Lee Tergesen 4-5
Kevin Clarke Robert John Burke 6th
Nicole Galassini Kellie Martin 6th
Audrey Whitaker Susan Lucci 6th
Tim Truman Jesse McCartney 7th
Lt. Patrick Clarke Brant Daugherty 7th


The series is based on the book Under the Saber: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives , which was written by Tanya Biank. Katherine Fugate produced the concept for the series. Katherine Fugate submitted her idea to the Mark Gordon Company, where they first wanted to adapt it to a film, but later decided to make a series.

Some characters in the series are based on characters in the book. However, there are significant differences between the series and the book. For example, Claudia Joy Holden loses her husband in the book in a helicopter crash. In the series, Claudia Joy dies in the first episode of the seventh season, but her husband does not.

Broadcasting and production

Scene from an Army Wives episode

Army Wives is produced by the Mark Gordon Company in association with ABC Studios . In December 2006, it was announced that Samantha Corbin-Miller would be executive producer. In March 2007, however, it was announced that not Corbin-Miller, but Jeff Melvoin would lead the production.

The first season aired from June 3 to August 26. The 19 episodes of the second season aired from June 8th to November 2nd, 2008. The third season was broadcast from June 7th to October 11th, 2009. On February 25, 2009, before the third season was broadcast, the series was extended by a fourth season in the form of 18 episodes. The fourth season began broadcasting on April 11 and ended on August 22, 2010. A fifth season was ordered by Lifetime in September 2010. It was broadcast between March 6 and June 12, 2011. On May 3, 2011, Lifetime ordered a sixth season consisting of 13 episodes due to the good ratings, which was increased by ten episodes in December of the same year, making the sixth season a total of 23 episodes. The season's episodes aired between March 4 and September 9, 2012.

In September 2012, the series was extended for a seventh season. At the same time, however, it became known that Kim Delaney has left the series. Her character of Claudia Joy Holden died a serial death as a result of her departure. The seventh season aired between March 10 and June 9, 2013.

In September 2013, Lifetime announced the discontinuation of the series. To bring the series to a close, a two-hour special was broadcast on March 16, 2014.


In September 2009 Lifetime started a survey about which figure there should be a spin-off . The selected character was Pamela Moran , who was played by Brigid Brannagh . reported that a season four episode would serve as a backdoor pilot . This episode aired on August 15, 2010. However, the project was dropped by Lifetime in September 2010.




  • 2008: Top Television Series: Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon
  • 2009: Top Television Series: Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon
  • 2010: Top Television Series: Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon
  • 2011: Top Television Series: Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon
  • 2012: Top Television Series: Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini, Scott Gordon

Gracie Awards

  • 2008: Outstanding Drama


NAACP Image Award

  • 2008: Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Wendy Davis
  • 2009: Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Wendy Davis
  • 2011: Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Wendy Davis

PRISM Awards

  • 2008: Mental Health Depiction Award
  • 2008: Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline: Wendy Davis

NAMIC Vision Awards

  • 2012: Best Drama

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