Out of Control (1996)

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German title Out of control
Original title Chain reaction
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 106 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Andrew Davis
script JF Lawton
Michael Bortman
production Andrew Davis
Arne Schmidt
music Jerry Goldsmith
camera Frank Tidy
cut Don Brochu
Dov Hoenig
Arthur Schmidt

Out of Control (original title: Chain Reaction) is an American action thriller from 1996 with Keanu Reeves , Rachel Weisz and Morgan Freeman .


Eddie Kasalivich is a student who is writing his diploma thesis and is working as a technician in a Chicago team of scientists led by Paul Shannon, who uses sonoluminescence to create a very inexpensive process for the environmentally friendly generation of energy, see also bubble fusion . The team wants to make this knowledge available to the world free of charge. Before the message can be sent, however, there is a serious explosion in the plant, which destroys the entire company premises and several blocks. The head of the team Dr. Alistair Barkley is killed and the plans for the experiment disappear. Eddie discovers that Dr. Barkley was murdered before the explosion and can barely get himself to safety on his motorcycle.

The FBI is screening every member of the science team. Another technician, Dr. Lu Chen, is missing. $ 250,000 is found in Eddie's apartment. Now Eddie is being blamed for the disaster and the FBI is after him. Eddie and his colleague, the physicist Dr. Lily Sinclair, found out on television that they were wanted. They split up and arrange to meet at the train station at a later date. Eddie is recognized and escapes with a spectacular climb on an opening drawbridge . You will then drive to a safe place.

Paul Shannon, meanwhile, has to report to a committee of senators at a hearing. Shannon is now also under surveillance by the FBI. Unimpressed by this, Shannon drives to another underground technical facility that has the same goal as the first. However, it doesn't work yet. Important information about frequencies that only Eddie has is missing.

The FBI traces a call Eddie makes to Shannon and finds the two fugitives. A “policeman” shoots another policeman from a helicopter. The two can escape and spend the night in an empty house. They later text Shannon and meet him at the museum. Lily is kidnapped by Shannon and taken to the second facility, while Eddie escapes. There Lily meets Lu Chen again, who was also kidnapped by these people. Lily and Lu are supposed to find the frequency that guarantees the stability of the energy generation process and that only Eddie knows.

It turns out that there is a government conspiracy behind this facility, led by Paul Shannon, to develop new technologies, but to bring them to market incrementally rather than freely, in order to create an economic mess with all of its prevent negative consequences. Eddie finds the system and secretly manipulates it so that another explosion threatens to save Lily and herself from this conspiracy. It cannot be prevented because Shannon's henchman Lyman is going crazy about it and against the will of Shannons and others. a. Lu Chen shoots. Eddie and Lily can escape at the last moment in the ensuing chaos, just like Paul Shannon after he shot Lyman in the elevator while trying to get upstairs because he went too far in his actions (he had Dr. Barkley murdered, Eddie pushed the money and killed the policeman to incriminate him even more) and also decided - also against Shannon's will - to kill the witnesses Eddie and Lily.

Before the explosion, Eddie distributed the information about the facility and the technical details about the environmentally friendly energy generation process via fax and internet to the FBI and to thousands of scientists around the world. So he manages to relieve Lily and himself when the FBI arrives at the destroyed facility.

At the end of the film, Shannon gets into his car and dictates a memo to the CIA boss that the facility is no longer operational.


“Elaborately staged, but still mediocre action film, whose characters are always overshadowed by the conspiracies in which they are increasingly involved. In addition, the story and style are all too reminiscent of the box office hit 'Auf der Flucht'. "

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