Red alert

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German title Red alert
Original title Under Siege
Red alert film.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1992
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Andrew Davis
script JF Lawton
production Gary W. Goldstein
J.F. Lawton
Steven Seagal , Alcor Films
music Gary Chang
camera Frank Tidy
cut Don Brochu
Robert A. Ferretti
Dov Hoenig
Dennis Virkler

Red Alert (Original Title: Under Siege ) is an American feature film from 1992. The director was Andrew Davis , the screenplay was written by JF Lawton . The main roles were played by Steven Seagal , Tommy Lee Jones , Gary Busey and Erika Eleniak . The film opened in German cinemas on February 25, 1993.


USS Missouri

Casey Ryback is a former SEAL who was excluded from this because he had knocked down the officer responsible for it after a poorly prepared and therefore unsuccessful mission. Captain Adams, the captain of the USS Missouri , who loves Ryback, lets him work as a cook on his ship so that he can keep his pension .

A birthday party is organized for the captain during the ship's last voyage to be retired. A rock band , several waiters and playmate Jordan Tate are flown in by helicopter . While preparing for the banquet, Ryback is provoked by First Officer Commander Krill until he hits him. Krill then has Ryback locked up in the refrigerator and guarded.

The musicians and the waiters turn out to be one led by William Strannix ties that it to the fitted with nuclear warheads BGM-109 Tomahawk - cruise missiles has refrained. They overpower the ship's crew and lock them in a hold. It turns out that krill is making common cause with the criminals. He looks for the captain and shoots him. Strannix, a former secret agent , sends two men out to kill Ryback. This can kill the killers and escape his prison. Then he finds Jordan, who has been stunned by krill. Because she was waiting in an artificial cake for her performance, she did not notice that the ship had been taken over. Together with her, he begins to gradually thin the ranks of the criminals and to sabotage them in their plan to get the rockets off the ship. Finally they can free some crew members who support them in their project.

Ryback can use a satellite phone to connect to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and explain the situation. The generals in charge want to recapture the ship and send a special unit, but their helicopter is shot down. The ship is therefore to be bombed and destroyed in order to prevent the theft of the missiles. When the rockets of Strannix's people are to be removed by submarine, Ryback and his fellow combatants manage to destroy the submarine with the ship's guns. Strannix then fires two missiles in the direction of Hawaii . One of them can be intercepted by Navy fighters. In a duel, Ryback kills Strannix, takes the floppy disk with the missile access codes deleted by Strannix and can destroy the second missile with the deactivation code received from the General Staff.

The film ends with the Missouri entering its port of destination San Francisco and the memorial service for the murdered captain. Ryback and Tate kiss.


Roger Ebert praised the realism of the scenes and depictions shot on the ship USS Alabama in the Chicago Sun-Times of October 9, 1992, especially those by Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey. The plot is "absurd".

“The story only serves to make the image of the warlike man socially acceptable again and to continue the" Ramboisation "of society. A inhuman film that tries in vain to cover up the acting amateurism of its main actor with brutal action. "

“Sure: Seagal is not a noble mime. But director Andrew Davis (...) is an ace: He spices up the action orgy with irony and takes full advantage of the imposing backdrop of the ship. There were Oscar nominations for effects and sound in 1993. "

“The 1993 action film by Andrew Davis was a huge box-office hit. Despite the cut scenes of violence, this is an exciting action thriller. Particularly good: Tommy Lee Jones as the villain. "


The film was nominated for the Oscar film award in 1993 in the categories of Best Sound Editing and Best Sound . He was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for the scene of a helicopter explosion .


The former warship USS Alabama (BB-60) , which lies on the US Gulf Coast in front of the city of Mobile, Alabama , was the filming location for the battleship known in the film as USS Missouri (BB-63) .

Production costs were estimated at 35 million US dollars . The film grossed $ 83.36 million in US theaters and approximately $ 156.4 million worldwide.

Jordan Tate, played by Erika Eleniak, is approached in the film about her title as Playboy Miss July 1989 . In fact, the actress was featured in this issue.


In 1995 there was a sequel with Red Alert 2 , in which Steven Seagal can be seen again in the role of Casey Ryback.

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