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August Block (born December 16, 1877 in Bolsehle , † December 12, 1956 in Gronau ) was a German farmer and politician ( DP ).

Life and work

Block was born the son of a farmer. After attending elementary school and high school, he completed an agricultural training and then worked on his parents' farm. He trained at an agricultural school, then worked as an agricultural official and later managed various estates as a domain tenant. In 1929 he took over the manor Banteln as a tenant and from 1931 as owner . As the tenant of the Enzen manor , he was chairman of various tenant associations from 1931 to 1945, including the Prussian domain tenant association. After the Second World War he worked as an employee at the district office in Alfeld an der Leine .


Block had initially joined the Free Conservative Party . During the Weimar Republic , he joined the DNVP . Since 1946 he was a member of the Lower Saxony State Party (NLP), from which the Lower Saxony State Association of the DP later emerged.

After 1945, Block was a council member of the Banteln community . In 1946 he belonged to the Appointed Hanover State Parliament and was then a member of the Appointed Lower Saxony State Parliament . In 1947 he was elected to the Lower Saxony state parliament, to which he was a member until his resignation on February 27, 1952. The entire time he was the age president of the state parliament.

On August 23, 1946, Block was appointed to the government of the State of Hanover led by Prime Minister Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf as Lower Saxony's Minister of Food and Agriculture and, after the formation of the State of Lower Saxony, on November 25, 1946, to the newly formed Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forests State government taken over. Due to the formation of a coalition of SPD , CDU and the center , he left the government on June 9, 1948.

He was a member of the Lower Saxony state parliament in the 1st and 2nd electoral periods between April 20, 1947 and February 27, 1952. Between May 13, 1947 and February 27, 1952, he was the age president of the Lower Saxony state parliament. Between March 28, 1951 and February 27, 1952 he was a member of the DP / CDU parliamentary group.


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