Bahratal Bridge

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Coordinates: 50 ° 23 ′ 29 ″  N , 10 ° 18 ′ 52 ″  E

Federal motorway 71 Bahratal Bridge
Convicted Federal motorway 71
Subjugated Bahra
place Top litter
construction Prestressed concrete box girder bridge
overall length 312 m
width 28.5 m
Longest span 47.6 m
Construction height 3.6 m
height 38 m
building-costs 8.121 million euros
start of building 2002
completion 2004
Bahratal Bridge (Bavaria)
Bahratal Bridge

The Bahratalbrücke is a 312 m long valley bridge on the federal highway 71 in Bavaria , which lies between the junctions Mellrichstadt and Bad Neustadt an der Saale . The structure is located east of Oberstreu and spans the Bahra , a right tributary of the Streu , at a height of 39 m .

The prestressed concrete beam bridge was built with two separate superstructures at a cost of around 8.7 million euros between 2001 and 2003. The two adjacent superstructures of the prestressed concrete bridge have the continuous girder as a structural system in the longitudinal direction . There is a box cross-section in the transverse direction. The span of the seven-span bridge is 37 m for the two end spans and 47.6 m for each of the five inner spans. The prestressing consists of external tendons and internal tendons in the concrete of the floor and deck slab. The bridge superstructure was constructed using the incremental launching method. The solid pillars, around 33 m high, have an oval cross-section and a constriction under the pillar head.

The bridge area is 8692 m². 11500 m³ of concrete, 1490 t of reinforcing steel and 228 t of prestressing steel were used.

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