Thalwassertal Bridge

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Coordinates: 50 ° 11 ′ 44 ″  N , 10 ° 12 ′ 45 ″  E

Federal motorway 71 Thalwassertal Bridge
Thalwassertal Bridge
Convicted Federal motorway 71
Subjugated T (h) al water
place Poppenlauer
construction Box-girder bridge made of prestressed concrete
overall length 330 m
width 2 × 14.25 m
Longest span 62 m
Construction height 4.4 m
height 31 m
building-costs 11 million euros
start of building 2002
completion 2005
Thalwassertalbrücke (Bavaria)
Thalwassertal Bridge

The Thalwassertalbrücke is a 330 m long bridge on the federal highway 71 .

The prestressed concrete girder bridge is located between the Maßbach junction , directly after this, and Bad Kissingen . The structure crosses the valley of Thalwasser (also called Talwasser) and a farm road to the southwest of Maßbach- Poppenlauer at a maximum height of 31 m. The bridge was built with two separate superstructures at a cost of around 11 million euros between 2002 and 2005. Due to the bankruptcy of the executing company, there was a delay of one year in the completion of the bridge. It was one of the first bridges in Germany with purely external prestressing and a pilot project for dimensioning according to the DIN technical reports introduced in 2003.

Box-girder cross-section of a prestressed concrete bridge

The massive pillars and the northern abutment have a flat foundation , the southern abutment is founded on bored piles with a diameter of 150 cm. The two adjacent superstructures of the prestressed concrete bridge have the continuous beam as a structural system in the longitudinal direction . In the transverse direction there is a box cross-section with a construction height of a maximum of 4.4 m in the center of the building and 3.0 m at the abutments. The span of the six-span bridge is 43.5 m in the two end spans, 59.5 m each in the following inner spans and 62.0 m in the two central openings. The prestressing consists only of external tendons . The bridge superstructure was constructed using the incremental launching method. With the large spans, auxiliary piers were necessary in the middle of the field. These were reinforced concrete pillars that were later demolished.

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