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Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka (born June 7, 1984 in Vienna ) is an Austrian actress , studio spokeswoman, trainer for speaking and breathing techniques, singing teacher for solo and jazz singing , cultural manager and singer ( soprano ) (lyrico-spinto).


Pavelka's artistic path began at the age of 13, when she was already acting. From September 1991 to June 1997 she received zither lessons ( Viennese mood ) at the adult education center Alsergrund and the music school Vienna-Ottakring and followed up with private acting training with Dagmar Leitner in Wiener Neustadt . After graduating from a humanistic grammar school in Wiener Neustadt, she studied Arabic and theater , film and media studies from October 2002 to January 2004 . She then attended the drama school Charlottenburg in Berlin , where they, among others, Heidemarie Schneider , Christine Schuster and Valentin Plătăreanu in the subject " spectacle was taught" and the study in January 2007 with the Diplomierung completed.

Barbara Pavelka with the pianist Valentin Lazar on June 8, 2017 in Neulengbach

After training as an actor, there followed private training in solo singing , in-depth speaking technique and acting in Cologne , which was completed in Vienna, initially privately and then at the conservatory with Martin Vácha . At the same time, Pavelka attended a master class with Susan Rigvava-Dumas , studied solo singing with Gabriele Rösel at the conservatory and in November 2007 resumed zither studies with Erika Swoboda in Vienna.

From the end of 2009 to 2010, Pavelka spent six months in France for linguistic, personal and creative training, in order to gain clarity about her professional and artistic path during this time. In Toulouse they encouraged colleagues to continue on the path they had chosen and so she returned to Vienna to obtain a diploma for solo singing at the Conservatory. At the same time, she completed a studio speaker and a film workshop. In January 2015 she was able to complete her studies in vocal pedagogy and solo singing with a diploma and proof of teaching qualification and began private training in classical singing with Olivera Miljaković . Since May 16, 2018, Pavelka has also been working as a cultural manager.

Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka can be heard as a soloist at concerts and church services and as a speaker on the radio, telephone and advertising as well as a presenter . She is a founding member and chairwoman of the “Dialog Bühne” association and managing director of the “Austrian Life Movement”.

Repertoire (selection)

Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka has a broad repertoire, of which only a small selection is listed here.

Opera and operetta

Concert and song


Filmography (short films)

  • 2006: Anja in "Relationship Scenarios", Berlin, director: Janina Hüttenrauch
  • 2010: Julia in “Parkbank”, Vienna, director: Patrick Roser

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