Berlin, Berlin

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Television series
Original title Berlin, Berlin
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2002-2005
NDR , Radio Bremen , Studio Hamburg , Degeto
length 25 minutes
Episodes 86 in 4 seasons
genre Dramedy
Theme music Season 1: Never Give Up composed and sung by Ramona Rocks.
Season 2–4: Never Give Up covered by Two Is One
idea David Safier
music Andreas Bick
First broadcast March 5, 2002 on Das Erste

Berlin, Berlin is a television series produced for ARD that was broadcast from 2002 to 2005 in the evening program of the first . It was directed by Franziska Meyer Price , Christoph Schnee, Sven Unterwaldt Jr. and Titus Selge , among others .

Since it first aired on March 5, 2002, the series has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. ARD supported the start of new seasons with massive poster and advertising campaigns. On average, the series achieved a market share of 16.6 percent in the 14 to 29 year old age group before the last episode was broadcast on April 4, 2005. The series ended after four seasons because the leading actress Felicitas Woll no longer wanted to continue.

On May 8, 2020, the sequel Berlin, Berlin - The Film was released on Netflix . The film was due to run in German cinemas from March 19, 2020, but these were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic , which is why Netflix agreed to stream the film.



season 1

Sandra Borgmann (Rosalie Butzke)

The series tells the story of Lolle ( Felicitas Woll ) who, after graduating from high school, follows her friend Tom from the small town of Malente to Berlin . Tom initially plans to work at his uncle's weekly market before enrolling at university. He breaks up with Lolle by letter, but she still decides to go to Berlin. Once there, she looks for Tom, who is having fun with his new girlfriend Bernadette at the market. Here she comes across Bernadette's ex-girlfriend Rosalie ( Sandra Borgmann ). Together, Lolle and Rosalie decide to break up Tom and Bernadette. During her stay in Berlin, Lolle lives with her cousin Sven ( Jan Sosniok ). Since his wife Silvia had left him before, he has plenty of space, so that Lolle and Rosalie finally move in and set up a flat share. Sven's friend and neighbor Hart ( Matthias Klimsa ) also befriends the new roommates and belongs to the clique. After Lolle decided to stay in Berlin, she experienced various big city and love adventures there.

During the first season Lolle and Sven fall in love. Because of his son Daniel, Sven decides at the end of the first season to start a family again with his ex-wife Silvia.

season 2

At the beginning of the second season Lolle lost her best friend Rosalie and her great love Sven. She is desperate, but later finds a friend again in Rosalie's friend Sarah ( Rhea Harder-Vennewald ). At first she would like to get Sven back, but he is undecided and hesitates. That's how Lolle meets Alex ( Matthias Schloo ), with whom she quickly gets together. In the meantime, Sven has separated from his ex-wife and would be free for Lolle, but she now replies that she is with Alex. At the end of the second season, Lolle realizes that she still has feelings for Sven. So Lolle throws himself into a chaos of love and a love triangle develops. In addition, at the end of the second season, Hart and Sarah find each other after initial problems.

Alexandra Neldel (Vero Gol-Sawatzki)

season 3

At the beginning of the third season, Lolle, Sven and Alex decide to continue the love triangle, but later realize that it poses a lot of problems. So Sven and Alex separate from Lolle, and she is now alone again. In the middle of the third season Lolle meets Vero, who falls in love with Sven. She befriends Lolle and meets Sven. Sven's apartment now has four residents: Sven himself, Lolle, Sarah and Vero. The four of them form a shared flat, whereby Hart, because of his relationship with Sarah, lives almost exclusively in the shared flat instead of in his own apartment next door. At the end of the third season, Lolle notices that she still has feelings for Sven, but he loves Vero and accepts her proposal. Because Lolle realizes that Sven really loves Vero, she decides to take a job in Stuttgart. In addition, Sarah becomes pregnant by Hart and has a son in the last episode of season three. The flat share now has five members.

Season 4

After two episodes in the fourth season, Lolle returns to Berlin because, in her opinion, she does not fit in with Stuttgart. In the further course Lolle meets Felix, but this love breaks after a relatively short time because Felix decides in favor of his girlfriend in Switzerland. At the end of the fourth season Lolle noticed again that she still felt something for her once great love Sven. He still has feelings for Lolle, but wants to marry Vero because he thinks Lolle is only bringing chaos into his life. Hart also cheats with Yvonne, an acquaintance. At first, Sarah Hart does not seem to forgive this misstep. But there is a happy ending in the series finale.

Sven's wedding to Vero ends at the last minute. He would now be free for Lolle, but would no longer like to enter into a relationship with her, accepts a job offer in Australia and drives to the airport. Lolle is disappointed but doesn't want to give up and runs to the airport to catch Sven. Shortly before he gets on the plane, he realizes that up to this point he was only afraid of entering into a new relationship with Lolle, and he wants to overcome this condition. In the very last scene in Berlin, Berlin , Lolle appears on the tarmac, while Sven is about to get on the plane because he cannot go back. Now they both confess their love and emigrate to Australia together. Hart also succeeds in convincing Sarah of his love, and he proposes to her. Sarah accepts this. Because Lolle and Sven are gone and Vero has moved out, both of them now live alone in the shared apartment with their son Simon-Ben.


Carlotta "Lolle" Holzmann

Felicitas Woll (Carlotta "Lolle" Holzmann)

Lolle is the protagonist of the series and is present in all episodes. After graduating from high school, she moved to Berlin at the age of 19 in the apartment of her cousin Sven in order to avoid the authoritarian upbringing style of her mother ( Charlotte Schwab ). Her career aspiration is to become a cartoonist. Lolle loves cocoa and chocolate. She finds her first real friends in Berlin in Rosalie and Sven. At the end of the first season she falls in love with Sven. After spending the night together, she escapes from bed for fear of being abandoned by Sven because he has a child and actually wants to go back to his ex-wife, Silvia.

Lolle works in Tuan's Vietnam snack bar and fixes her parents' relationship problems herself. After Sven leaves, she feels alone. Then she finds a new friend in Sarah and meets Alex ( Matthias Schloo ), who is also studying art and design at the university. First Lolle wants to win back Sven, but he blocks. Eventually she falls in love with Alex and the two become a couple. At the end of the second season, Lolle cheats with Sven; she realizes that she still has feelings for him.

At the beginning of the third season she has to choose between the two men. She initially has a love triangle as she loves both of them equally. After they both left, she bought a comic book store, where she worked every day from now on. In the middle of the third season she feels alone, as Sven often has to work and Sarah almost always spends time with Hart - for this reason she is looking for a friend who she finds in Vero. Unintentionally, she couples Vero with Sven. At the end of the third season she notices again feelings for Sven, but the latter is determined to accept Vero's marriage proposal. So Lolle moves to Stuttgart - but returns at the beginning of the fourth season.

Back in Berlin, Lolle meets Felix, but is betrayed by him and his Swiss girlfriend and then abandoned. In the middle of the fourth season she realizes her feelings for her former love Sven that still exist. After both of them have gone to a holiday cabin, there is a kiss. Lolle, however, is ashamed of her friendship with Vero and finally agrees with Sven when he says they shouldn't start a relationship.

After his broken wedding with Vero, she tries to fight for Sven, who out of anger, disappointment and fear of a relationship with Lolle wants to leave Berlin and accept a job offer in Melbourne. In the last scene from Berlin, Berlin they both confess their love and move to Melbourne together.

Sven Ehlers

Jan Sosniok (Sven Ehlers)

Sven is present in all episodes. He is Lolle's second cousin and graduated from high school with Hart and Silvia. He is around 30, a computer scientist and owns his own company 'Startup' where he works with his best friend Hart. Sven lived alone in his apartment at the beginning of the first season after his ex-wife Silvia had left him with their son Daniel. He lets Lolle and Rosalie live with him. Sven is Lolle's great love and Lolle is his great love. He sold his company at the end of season four to emigrate to Australia with Vero. After his wedding was over, he realizes that he loves Lolle after all and says: “Life is too short to be afraid.” He now wants to stay in Berlin, but when Lolle shows up and he confesses his love to her, decide both to emigrate to Australia together.


Hart is officially part of all episodes - even if he does not appear in some episodes, mainly in the first season. He is around 30, Sven's best friend and also a computer scientist . Both have known each other since 5th grade. His last name is not mentioned in any episode of the series. His father was an alcoholic - he broke off contact with his parents. Hart is Sven's neighbor and works in his startup company. In contrast to him, he is not a womanizer - so Sarah is his first real girlfriend. He has had a turtle named Mr. Psycho since childhood. At the beginning of the second season he meets Sarah - both get together at the beginning of the third season and have a child at the end of the season. Hart often has relationship problems with Sarah in the fourth season - also because of the child. After Sven's failed wedding, he receives the rings and proposes to Sarah in the penultimate scene in Berlin, Berlin , which she accepts.

Sarah Herrmann

Sarah is there from the beginning of the second season until the last episode of Berlin, Berlin . She is in her late twenties and an acquaintance of Rosalie Butzke, Lolle's first real friend in Berlin. After they say goodbye, she takes over her room in Sven's apartment. Sarah doesn't get on very well with Sven at the beginning, as he dislikes her sometimes quite gruff manner. However, she becomes a friend to Lolle and Hart is immediately taken with her. This is based on reciprocity - Sarah also likes Hart. Sarah's parents died in a car accident when she was twelve. Afterwards she was placed in a foster family, which explains her often cynical manner. Later, however, Sarah and Sven get along better and better. Sarah is a photographer and works mostly in her room. She is popular with men and has had several one-night stands. At the end of the second season, she and Hart grow closer and become a couple at the beginning of the third season. In the middle of the third season, Sarah becomes pregnant and at the end of the season they have a son, Simon-Ben. In the middle of season four, the stress of the child leads to relationship problems with Hart. This cheats with his friend Yvonne. At first Sarah cannot forgive this misstep, but in the penultimate scene of Berlin, Berlin , Hart successfully proposes marriage to Sarah.

Rosalie Butzke

Rosalie Butzke is Lolle's first and best friend in Berlin and only plays in the first season. They get to know each other as "slackers" because Lolle's friend Tom and Rosalie's girlfriend are together. Both manage to separate the two, but there is no love revival for either couple. Rosalie is a reasonably successful actress and in the first season virtually homeless (she sleeps in the theater fund), which is why she founds a flat share with Sven and Lolle. Rosalie grew up in a socially deprived area of ​​Berlin, she ran away from home when she was 16. Her father was a flogging drinker. She has a sister - Katinka, a single mother and later a participant in BIG SISTER. The struggle for survival in the urban jungle has shaped Rosalie, she is abundantly serene, disillusioned and looks harsh and cold, but under the rough shell there is a soft core and in an emergency you can rely on her. Rosalie is slightly annoyed by Lolle's partly small-town habit, which she underlines with the nickname Landei . However, she steadily learns from Lolle to be a little more considerate of other people, while Lolle steals a certain will to assert herself from her. In the course of the season Lolle has the feeling that she may have more than just friendship for Rosalie, but that disappears after a "kiss test". Lolle is now certain that she is not in love with Rosalie. At the end of the season, Rosalie's career is on hold. She drives a taxi and manages to steal a million euros from two Russian mafiosi. She wants to go to New York and start a small theater, but after violent allegations by Lolle, she decides to stay in Berlin in the last episode of season 1. In the second season she secretly went to New York and gave her friend Sarah her room in a shared apartment. Through Tuan's advice, Lolle communicates - hurt by Rosalie's “cowardice” - with Rosalie's “spirit”, who, however, turns out to be just as callous. However, after the way for a life without Rosalie has been paved, Lolle and Rosalie say goodbye in this way with a heartfelt hug. Rosalie has not appeared since then.

Episode list

Animated sequences

A special feature of Berlin, Berlin is the three-second comic , which interrupts the plot about three or four times per episode. The comic lollipop, which does not speak itself, expresses with its actions what is going on in the real lollipop. For example, the comic lollipop hits the ground with an oversized hammer when the real lollipop just notices that it has made a mistake and wants to sink into the ground in shame. Or the comic lollipop's eyes well out of the head with greed when the real lollipop finds a man sexually attractive. The other characters in the series also appear as comic versions; Lolle's mother - with whom she doesn't get along very well - turns into an icicle, a fire-breathing dragon or something similar in the comic - depending on what Lolle thinks of her mother.


Role name actor Main role
Supporting role
Guest role
Carlotta "Lolle" Holzmann Felicitas Woll 1.01-4.20
Sven Ehlers Jan Sosniok 1.01-4.20
Hard Matthias Klimsa 1.01-4.20
Rosalie Butzke Sandra Borgmann 1.01-1.26 2.01-2.02
Sarah Hermann Rhea Harder 2.01-4.20
Alex Weingart Matthias Schloo 2.01-3.18
Vero Gol-Sawatzki Alexandra Neldel 4.01-4.20 3.13-3.20
Tuhan Maverick Quek 1.02-4.20
Lenny Alexander Scheer 2.01-4.20
Felix Florian David Fitz 4.03-4.10
Silvia Ehlers Alexa Wiegandt 1.01-4.20
Daniel Ehlers Fabio Beyer 1.01-4.20
Harald Sommer Kai Lentrodt 1.01-1.26 2.01-4.20
Karen Holzmann Charlotte Schwab 1.01-4.14
Bernd Jensen Jürgen May 1.01-3.08
Fred "Fatman" Junghans Christoph Hagen Dittmann 2.03-4.20 1.17-1.18
Moshe Rosary David Steffen 1.09-1.14 1.07-1.08
Tom Andi Slawinski 1.01–1.02 1.20, 4.09-4.10
Yvonne Ivonne Schönherr 1.07-1.08, 2.09-2.10, 4.17-4.18


  1. Not seen in 3.05–3.10 and 3.13–3.16.
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In 2004 the series won the German Television Prize in the “Best Sitcom” category and the International Emmy Award in the “Best Comedy” category (for episode 47: Sven or Alex? ). In 2005 the series was nominated again for an International Emmy Award, but did not win.

The main actress of the series, Felicitas Woll, was awarded the German Television Prize in 2002 for her acting performance in the role of Lolle , the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2003 and the Golden Rose of Lucerne in 2004 for the best female sitcom leading role.

Lead author David Safier also received a Grimme Prize in the fiction and entertainment category for the book accompanying the series in 2003 and was nominated for the German Television Prize in 2002.

useful information

  • Actress Rhea Harder, who plays Sarah on the show, was actually pregnant. The pregnancy and her newborn baby were built into the plot. Moritz Paul Harder, it is really said, portrays the baby Simon-Ben.
  • In episode 2.19 I don't love you - you don't love me you can see the address Erkelenzdamm 11-13 on Lolle's bank statement. This is the actual Berlin address of the serial flat share in Kreuzberg.
  • Even after the series was discontinued, the response was so great until 2010 that a movie was considered. On June 30, 2016, a film was finally announced for 2017. Because of Felicitas Woll's second pregnancy, the planned shooting was postponed to late summer 2018. The film was originally scheduled to open in German cinemas on March 19, 2020. However, since the cinemas across Germany remained closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic , the film was released exclusively on Netflix on May 8th .
  • Three of Uwe Heinelt drawn comics Berlin, Berlin in Egmont Ehapa published:
    • Frog princes
    • Mothers are only human too
    • Zoe - Chaos Days
  • In addition, some novels by Alexandra Raumer have been published by Egmont VGS to accompany the series:
    • Lolle starts
    • Dream on, Lolle
    • Good morning dear worries
    • Lolle and Sven?
    • Boys in love
    • Lolle's secret records
  • The theme song Never Give Up of the first season was composed, written and sung by Ramona Rocks and produced by Frank Becking .
  • The second through fourth season theme song is a cover of the first season theme song and was sung by Two Is One .
  • The complete series was released on DVD in 2008.
  • As part of the premiere of the film, the entire series was also re-released for the first time on Netflix on the same day (May 8, 2020).


Berlin, Berlin is broadcast in many other countries:

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