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Bose Corporation

legal form Corporation
founding 1964
Seat Framingham , United States
management Philip W. Hess, CEO
Number of employees 11,700 (2015)
sales US $ 3.5 billion (2015)
Branch Audio technology

The Bose Corporation ([ ˈboʊz ], German pronunciation: [ ˈboːzə ]) is an American company founded in 1964 by Amar G. Bose (1929–2013). It manufactures audio products for private and professional use.

The headquarters are in Framingham , Massachusetts , USA . Bose has 11,700 employees worldwide. The headquarters of the German Bose GmbH are in Friedrichsdorf in the Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse and the Bose Automotive GmbH in Esslingen am Neckar .

The company has operated a total of 249 stores of its own worldwide since 1993 . Due to the shift to online shopping , the closure of 119 locations in Europe , North America , Australia and Japan was announced in January 2020 . The 130 brand stores in the People's Republic of China , Taiwan , India , Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates will remain open.


The company emphasizes a so-called "psycho-acoustic" aspect in its loudspeaker developments. This resulted some unconventional concepts, such as the use of multiple broadband loudspeaker in a housing combined with small-volume bandpass - subwoofers in the so-called Acoustimass systems or the inclusion of indirect radiated sound components and integration of electronic equalizers compensate for frequency response.

The aim is to reproduce the sound radiation of real musical instruments by including indirect sound components, which are usually not directional, so that z. In a concert hall, for example, most of the sound arrives at the listener indirectly, for example through reflections from the ceiling and walls.


Complete hi-fi and home cinema systems

Bose speakers in a car (Bose Car Hifi )
Bose retail store in Los Angeles
Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones
Bose SoundLink speakers
Shown here is a Bose Wave Music System that plays the radio station SWR3

The company's best-known product is undoubtedly the loudspeaker 901, which was only produced in a slightly modified form for 45 years from 1968. Other products include the Wave radio , Acoustimass loudspeaker systems and complete lifestyle home theater systems. A special feature of the Bose systems, in addition to the eye-catching design, is the concert hall-simulating radiation behavior of the speakers.

Vehicle acoustics

Bose has been developing and producing sound systems for cars together with vehicle manufacturers such as Chevrolet , Renault , Alfa Romeo and Audi since 1979 .

Headphones and headsets

The company offers headphones / headsets for private and professional applications, for example QuietComfort models with active noise cancellation , the ProFlight series for pilots or the sleepbuds for better sleep.

Public address systems

Bose manufactures sound systems for churches (for example in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome) or event centers such as the former Bundestag in Bonn with special adaptation to the room acoustics . The company is represented with many different solutions in the public address sector (e.g. Panaray LT-System, AcousticWave Cannon, etc.).

Vehicle technology

The debates with vibration problems of all kinds in the Bose laboratories resulted, among other things, in a new type of wheel suspension system for vehicles in 2005 , which instead of spring elements actively compensates for unevenness in the ground using a system of sensors and electric motors.

Hearing aids

In October 2018, Bose received medical approval from the American health authority FDA for its newly developed hearing aid, which can be adapted without medical assistance.

Space and Military

The company supplies NASA , including the use of Bose loudspeakers in the space shuttle . Other supply contracts exist with the American military.

Bose ElectroForce Systems Group

After the takeover of EnduraTEC Systems Corporation, the Bose ElectroForce Systems Group was founded in May 2004. Her main focus is the production of test and simulation instruments for materials research , product development and medical technology for research institutes, universities and industrial companies. The special design of the devices (linear motor with moving magnets) offers an alternative to traditional testing devices.


No technical data

Amar Bose was convinced that conventional audio measurement methods are not relevant for the perceived quality of audio devices. Therefore, based on the claim that the listener's perception is the ultimate test of audio quality, the company does not publish corresponding data for Bose products. In contrast to Bose, numerous other audio manufacturers, positioned in a wide variety of price segments, as well as all audio specialist magazines, emphasize the fundamental importance of objectively comprehensible parameters and regularly publish corresponding measurement data for their products. In 1968, Amar Bose presented the American Audio Engineering Society with a paper called On the Design, Measurement and Evaluation of Loudspeakers . In it, Bose rejected number-based test data in favor of "more meaningful measurements and evaluation methods".


Bose is supposed to provide data from users and a. have passed on to third parties music played using Bose wireless headphones. A US customer filed a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago in April 2017. In a newer software version that was published by Bose in May 2017, the transmission of data can now be switched off by the user.


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