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Burkhard Leberecht Behrisch (also: Burckhardt Leberecht Behrisch ) (born January 12, 1682 in Untergreißlau ; † September 2, 1750 in Dresden ) was a German lawyer and mayor.


Burkhardt Leberecht Behrisch came from the family of scholars Behrisch . His grandfather Christian Behrisch (1610–1684) was a counselor and heir, feudal lord and court lord on Untergreißlau. His great-grandfather Johannes Behrisch was initially the school administrator of the Princely School in Grimma and later the official escort in Weißenfels and his father Hannß Behrisch (the elder) (1548–1616) was chief clerk at the Dresden court of Elector Christian I.

Burkhardt Leberecht Behrisch was the second oldest son of the legal scholar, councilor and syndic of Dresden, Hieronymus Gottfried Behrisch , Herr auf Untergreißlau and his wife Rahel Sophie Jünger (born April 24, 1654 in Dresden; † October 19, 1694 ibid), the daughter of the Dresden resident Mayor Franz Jünger . He had nine other siblings:

  • Sophie Gertraud Behrisch (1676–1721). She married the merchant and trader David Andreas Schäffer († 1709), who took over the trading business from Johann Sigismund Küffner in 1698.
  • Hieronymus Albrecht Behrisch (1677– before 1694),
  • Rachel Elisabeth Behrisch (1679–1701). She married the theologian Georg Friedrich Schröer (1663-1739) in February 1700 and died early after the birth of her two sons, Georg Friedrich Schröer (d. J.), a later doctor of law and lawyer in Dresden and Hieronymus Gottfried Schröer, one Pastor.
  • Carl Behrisch (1683– before 1694),
  • Friedrich Behrisch (* 1684), listed as a trader in 1726,
  • Johanna Behrisch (1686– before 1694),
  • Anne Hedwig Behrisch (1688– before 1694),
  • Heinrich Behrisch (1690– before 1694) and
  • Johann Leberecht Behrisch (1694– before 1726).

After his father and Johanna Emilia born on August 27, 1696 von Hantzschmann (* unknown; † April 1, 1726 in Volkersdorf near Radeburg ), daughter of George von Hantzschmann (former imperial captain ) was married a second time, he had four half-siblings:

  • Johanne Sophie Behrisch (1697–1697),
  • Wolf Albrecht Behrisch (1698–1771), studied law and became a doctor of both rights.
  • Christian Gottfried Behrisch (* 1699), studied medicine, became Dr. med. and inspector of the royal anatomy chamber (the chamber contained skeletons of humans and animals).
  • Gabriel Gottlob Behrisch (* 1701), studied philosophy and became a master of philosophy.

Burkhard Leberecht Behrisch attended the Fürstenschule Schulpforta near Naumburg as a pupil from July 14, 1696 to May 1, 1699 . He then studied law at the University of Leipzig and became a doctor of law.

In 1707 he was elected to the city ​​council of Dresden as city syndic . In 1726 he was a council member city ​​treasurer in Dresden and in 1733 he was appointed by the council to one of the three mayors, where he initially held the office of the so-called "associate consul". From 1738 at the latest, Behrisch was also the governing mayor. He held the office of mayor until his death.

Burkhardt Leberecht Behrisch married on May 5, 1715 Rahel Hedwig Landsberger (* ~ 1686 in Dresden; † October 23, 1769 ibid), the daughter of the Dresden court merchant and councilor Johann Friedrich Landsberger (1649-1711), who lived in Dresden over 300 years ago , founded the first public litter barn in 1709 .

After a devastating fire, he lived in the newly built royal new town from 1685 . In addition, he was the heir to Untergreißlau and the landlord in Striesen.

He and his wife donated legacies to the so-called "Behrisch'sche Free Writing School", a school for the poor for 25 pupils. Shortly before his death he donated a scholarship for relatives who bear his name; the award was made by the city council in Dresden.


The Behrischstrasse in Dresden- Striesen was named after him.

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