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Buschi Niebergall (left, in the "rhythm section" of the Globe Unity Orchestra, 1976)

Johannes "Buschi" Niebergall , actually Hans-Helmut Niebergall (born July 18, 1938 in Marburg , † January 9, 1990 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German musician. In the mid- 1960s he was a double bass player and co-founder of some of the most important free jazz formations in Germany , which dared to take the first steps towards an independent European free jazz. He was also one of the first bass players in Europe to play freely improvised music.

Live and act

Niebergall comes from a family of theologians; Father Alfred and grandfather Friedrich Niebergall were theology professors. He discovered jazz through radio broadcasts and initially played as a guitarist in school bands without training. In 1956 he switched to bass. Niebergall initially studied medicine in Cologne, but is getting more involved in jazz. He found his first professional job with Klaus Doldinger and then played with Joe Haider in Munich . After engagements in Barcelona and beginning to study psychology, he worked on Gunter Hampel's record Heartplants and Manfred Schoofs Voices in 1964 . He has also worked with most of the major free improvisers of his generation, including a. with Peter Brötzmann , Don Cherry , Alfred Harth , Evan Parker , Alexander von Schlippenbach , Irène Schweizer , John Tchicai and, since it was founded in 1966, with the Globe Unity Orchestra . From 1971 to 1977 he belonged to Albert Mangelsdorff's quintet or quartet and then formed a trio with Michel Pilz and Uwe Schmitt . From around 1980 he lived in seclusion in Frankfurt a. M., devoted himself to the ceramics trade and only gave occasional concerts, often in jazz & poetry projects in a duo with the drummer Bülent Ates.

Discography (excerpt)

  • with Gunter Hampel: Heartplants (Gunter Hampel (saxes, bcl, fl, vibes), Manfred Schoof (tp, flh), Alexander von Schlippenbach (p), Buschi Niebergall (b), Pierre Courbois (dr) 1964. MPS 10526)
  • with the Manfred Schoof Quintet: Voices (Manfred Schoof (tp, cornet); Gerd Dudek (ts); Alexander von Schlippenbach (p); Buschi Niebergall (b); Jacki Liebezeit (d) 1966)
  • with the Manfred Schoof Quintet: The Early Quintet (Manfred Schoof (tp); Gerd Dudek (ts); Alexander von Schlippenbach (p); Buschi Niebergall (b); Jacki Liebezeit (d) 1966. FMP 0540)
  • with Peter Brötzmann: Machine Gun (Peter Brötzmann (ts, bs); Willem Breuker (ts); Evan Parker (ts); Fred Van Hove (p); Peter Kowald (b); Buschi Niebergall (b); Han Bennink (d ); Sven-Åke Johansson (d). 1968, FMP 0090)
  • with the Manfred Schoof Orchestra: European Echoes (Enrico Rava (tp); Manfred Schoof (tp); Hugh Steinmetz (tp); Peter Brötzmann (ts); Gerd Dudek (ts); Evan Parker (ss); Paul Rutherford (tb) ; Derek Bailey : (g); Fred Van Hove (p); Alexander von Schlippenbach (p); Irène Schweizer (p); Arjen Gorter (b); Peter Kowald (b); Buschi Niebergall (b); Han Bennink (d ); Pierre Favre (d). June 1969, Bremen. FMP 0010)
  • with the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet: Birds Of Underground (Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Heinz Sauer (as, ts); Gerd Dudek (ts, ss, fl); Buschi Niebergall (b); Peter Giger (d), 1972, MPS)
  • with the Globe Unity Orchestra: Pearls (Manfred Schoof (tp); Enrico Rava (tp); Kenny Wheeler (tp); Anthony Braxton (as, cl); Peter Brötzmann (reeds); Rüdiger Carl (as, ts); Gerd Dudek (ss, ts); Evan Parker (ss, ts); Michel Pilz (bcl); Günter Christmann (tb); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Paul Rutherford (tb); Alexander von Schlippenbach (p); Peter Kowald (b, tuba); buschi niebergall (b); Paul Lovens (d) 25 to 26 November, 1975, Southwest radio Studios, Baden-Baden. FMP 0380
  • Pilz / Niebergall / Schmitt: Celeste (Michel Pilz (bcl), Buschi Niebergall (b), Uwe Schmitt (d) 1978, Trion)
  • with the Michael Sell Contemporary Music Ensemble: Innovations for 10 instruments ( Manfred Niehaus (viola); Bernd Konrad (bcl, cbcl, sax); Willem van Manen (tb); Michael Sell (tp); Hans Peter Jahn (cello); Theo Jörgensmann (cl); Buschi Niebergall (b); Georg Strüber (b); Hildegard Butscher (viol); Frank Köllges (dr), 1980 Cologne, Misp records 506)


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