Christoph von Billerbeck

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Hans Christoph von Billerbeck (born April 16, 1714 in Pomerania , † November 3, 1790 in Halle ) was a Prussian colonel .


Origin and family

Hans Christoph was a member of the Pomeranian noble family von Billerbeck . His parents were the Prussian colonel and commander of Pillau , as well as the heir to Billerbeck Constantin von Billerbeck (1673–1744) and Beate Luise von Schönbeck.

In 1755 he married Rudolfine Karoline Wilhelmine von Stecher (1739–1801), a daughter of Johann Christoph von Stecher . The marriage resulted in 11 children.

  • Auguste Friederike Louise (* 1806), ⚭ 1769 Friedrich Heinrich von Manteuffel († 1825), Prussian captain
  • Friedrich Christoph Constantin (1756–1805), godfather was Friedrich II. , Lieutenant in the infantry regiment " Kalckstein ", canon at St. Gangolphi monastery in Magdeburg
  • August Karl Ferdinand (1757–1775)
  • Gottfried Karl Konstantin (1758–1760)
  • Konstantina Henriette Eleonore Wilhelmine (* 1763), ⚭ 1787 Philipp Heinrich Ferdinand von der Heydte, Saxon colonel
  • Konstantina Rudolfine Eleonore (1765–1815),
⚭I 1788 Christian Ludwig von Thadden († 1794)
⚭I 1799 Maximilian von Chambaud-Carrier († 1806), major
  • Rudolph Wilhelm Konstantin (1766–1813), Lord of Beuchlitz , lieutenant in the Leib-Karabiner-Regiment, capitular of the Oberstkollegiatsstift in Halberstadt , ⚭ 1802 Johanne Charlotte Amalie Karoline von Möllendorf (1782–1844)
  • Konstantina Louisa Eleonore (* 1768)
  • August Wilhelm Konstantin (1768–1792), lieutenant in the Princely Weimar cuirassier regiment
  • Emilie Eleonora Konstanina (1771–1772)
  • Karl Konstantin Viktor (1772–1787)


Billerbeck served as an officer in the Prussian army . As a captain in the 1st Battalion Guard , Major of the Army and commander of an infantry battalion that consist of two infantry companies of the regiments "Ferdinand of Brunswick" and "Jung-Stutterheim" was composed, he received in October 1756 the Order Pour le Mérite . In December 1758 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the army and commanded his grenadier battalion until 1763. He was wounded in the battle of Kunersdorf and in 1763 received the requested farewell .

He was the heir to Schlochau and Reichenbach . In Beuchlitz he had a shell room built in the manor house as a replica of the shell room in the New Palace . He ceded his paternal estate Billerbeck to his son-in-law von Manteuffel and his wife.


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Individual evidence

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