Cold Blood - No way out. No mercy.

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German title Cold Blood - No way out. No mercy.
Original title Deadfall
Country of production USA , France
original language English
Publishing year 2012
length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
script Zach Dean
production Shelly Clippard
Ben Cosgrove
Gary Levinsohn
Todd Wagner
music Marco Beltrami
camera Shane Hurlbut
cut Arthur Tarnowski
Dan Zimmerman

Cold Blood - No way out. No mercy. is an American-French action thriller from 2012 directed by Austrian Stefan Ruzowitzky and screenplayed for by Zach Dean.


Shortly before Thanksgiving in the north of the US state of Michigan : The siblings Addison and Liza, together with an accomplice, stole a lot of cash when they robbed an illegal casino. Your car crashed on a snow-covered country road in a wildlife accident. Only Liza and her brother Addison, who always protects his sister, escape the car slightly injured. Addison shoots a policeman who comes to help at the scene of the accident. At the instigation of their brother, the two separate in order to find their way through the snow-covered forests on separate paths towards the Canadian border. This is how they want to avoid Liza being associated with the robbery and murder.

At the same time, former professional boxer Jay, who has just been released from prison, beats down his former manager in Detroit in an argument because he attacked him with a baseball bat in order to withhold the profits from a rigged fight. Jay, a former silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics , has sunk deep. After winning the medal, he appeared as a professional boxer and he was promised fights in higher classes if he deliberately loses in a competition and thus participates in betting fraud. He was the only one who was punished after the manipulation was discovered and was imprisoned. Since Jay is - mistakenly - certain that he killed his ex-manager in the argument, he flees in a panic. He tries to get to his parents June and Chet. The relationship with his father, a sullen ex-sheriff who had supported him in training to become a boxer, has been shattered since the conviction.

The police start a manhunt and erect roadblocks. Sheriff Becker's daughter Hanna, a childhood friend of Jay and his parents, is not involved in the action because her father does not take her for full.

Liza hitchhikes from the next accessible road, half frozen to death. The driver of the car is Jay. In order not to be dropped off at the next gas station, Liza lets her seductive skills play. Jay and Liza have sex in a motel where they are stuck because of the snowy road. For Jay a serious love affair begins. The next morning he prevents Patricia , as he initially calls her, from hitchhiking with a snow plow driver. Liza is touched that someone is interested in her. She tells intimate details from her life and gives her real name, but without mentioning the robbery or her brother.

This beats its way through the woods, leaving behind a trail of violence. He kills a trapper to get his snowmobile . Then he sleeps in a hut. He rescues a woman and her baby who had been thrown out of the hut by the woman's violent friend. Addison shoots the man. On the other hand, he saves the woman and the two children from freezing to death. The next morning, Hanna - she's working on another case - is at the door with two colleagues. Addison shoots his way free and escapes on a snowmobile. The two police officers die during the action because, unlike Hanna, they act rashly and rashly. Hanna's father blames her for the death of the two police officers, without wanting to hear that both of them contributed to their own death through their careless behavior.

The siblings meet again in Jay's parents' house. Jay wants to introduce his girlfriend to his parents for Thanksgiving. Addison, who Liza told her by phone where she was going with Jay, recently kidnapped Jay's parents at their home. A short time later, Hanna also arrives to inform Jay that the Detroit police want to interrogate him. She can no longer tell him that this is due to an unexplained bodily harm (a concussion, as she found out on the phone), since she too has to attend the Thanksgiving dinner that Addison forced to attend. This reveals further background to the relationship of the crook couple: Addison shot the violent father as a child and thus freed Liza. Liza was grateful to her beloved brother all her life and at the same time was dependent on him.

When Hanna's father, the parish sheriff, breaks into the house because Addison has left a snowmobile trail on the way to the house of Jay's parents that followed Sheriff Beckers, he hastily shoots Hanna because she is wearing the suede jacket that Addison the trapper had had decreased. Addison shoots Sheriff Becker. Jay has so far held back so as not to endanger the lives of the hostages. But now he pounces on Addison and can win the duel with his fists. But Liza asks him for mercy for her brother. When Addison pulls himself up again to use his last strength to point his gun at Jay, Liza shoots her brother and breaks down crying.

Because of her protective vest, Hanna is only slightly injured, the condition of her father, who was not wearing a vest, is critical.


Mutual Film Production produced the film and it was distributed and marketed through Magnolia Pictures and StudioCanal. The budget is estimated at $ 12 million. The filming locations were in the US state of Michigan and in Montreal, Canada. The film databases IMDb and JP's Box-Office put the income from ticket sales in the USA at around 66,000 dollars.


"Atmospheric, melancholy thriller that relies on carefully developed characters and lets the tragic entanglements culminate in well-dosed peaks of violence."

- Lexicon of International Films

"With the action thriller 'Cold Blood - No Way Out, No Mercy', director Stefan Ruzowitzky [...] once again realizes a well-balanced mixture of genre cinema and character drama [...]."

- Christoph Petersen

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