The love life of beautiful Helena

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German title The love life of beautiful Helena
Original title The Private Life of Helen of Troy
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1927
length 87 minutes
Director Alexander Korda
script Gerald C. Duffy ( subtitles ) based
on the novel by John Erskine
production Carey Wilson
music Carl Edouarde ,
Cecil Copping (New York City Premiere)
camera Lee Garmes ,
Sidney Hickox
cut Harold Young

The Love Life of Beautiful Helena is an American silent film comedy directed by Alexander Korda from 1927 based on the novel Private Life of Helen of Troy (1925) by John Erskine .


The film depicts the plot of the Trojan War with its connections to Greek mythology in a comedic manner.


Only fragments of the film with a duration of 29.5 minutes remain in the archives of the British Film Institute in the form of rolls of film with a length of around 727 feet (around 222 meters) from the beginning and 1757 feet (around 536 meters) from the end of the film that are no longer publicly performed.


At the first Academy Awards in 1929 Gerald C. Duffy was nominated for the Oscar, which was only awarded that year, in the category of "Best Title Writing" ("Best Subtitles"). Since Duffy had died on June 25, 1928, he was the first to be posthumously nominated for an Oscar. However, the award went to Joseph Farnham , who received the Oscar for his overall performance.

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