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The first Academy Awards in 1929

The 1929 Academy Awards took place on May 16, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles . It was the 1st Annual Academy Awards . The first award was given to films released between August 1, 1927 and August 1, 1928. This first ceremony took place as part of a banquet that was attended by about 270 people. The whole ceremony lasted 15 minutes and, unlike later awards, the winners were announced three months in advance. It was also possible to receive awards for several films.

The awards “ Best Engineering Effects,Best Title Writing ” and “ Artistic Quality of Production” were only given this once.

The most successful films
(at least two nominations;
highlighted = most awards,
N = nomination; A = award)
Movie N A.
The happiness in the attic 5 3
Sunrise - song of two people 4th 3
... but the meat is weak 2 0
A person of the crowd 2 0
Steel wings 2 2
His last order 2 1

Award winners and nominees

The films Das Glück in der Mansarde (7th Heaven) and Sunrise - A Song of Two Humans (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans) received the most awards, each with three Oscars . The luck in the attic (7th Heaven) received the highest number of nominations with five nominations. Charles Chaplin's film The Circus (The Circus) received four nominations originally, three of which (Best Actor, Best Director - Drama and Best Original Story) on Chaplin's name went. The Academy decided to remove the nominations and give Chaplin an honorary Oscar.

Best movie

Steel Wings - Paramount Famous Lasky

Happiness in the Attic (7th Heaven) - Fox Film Corporation
The Circus (The Circus) - United Artists
The Racket - The Caddo Company

Best artistic production

Sunrise - Song Of Two People (Sunrise) - Fox Film Corporation

A man of mass (The Crowd) - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Chang (Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness) - Paramount Famous Lasky

Best Actor

Emil Jannings - The Last Command (The Last Command) and The Way of All Flesh (The Way of All Flesh)

Richard Barthelmess - The Night Without Hope (The Noose) and The World in Flames (The Patent Leather Kid)
Charles Chaplin - The Circus (The Circus)

Best main actress

Janet Gaynor - Happiness in the attic (7th Heaven) , Street Angel (Street Angel) and Sunrise - A Song of Two people (Sunrise)

Louise Dresser - Die neue Heimat (A Ship Comes In)
Gloria Swanson - ... but the meat is weak (Sadie Thompson)

Best Director - Comedy

Lewis Milestone - Die Schlachtenbummler (Two Arabian Knights)

Charles Chaplin - The Circus (The Circus)
Ted Wilde - Street Chase with Speedy (Speedy)

Best Director - Drama

Frank Borzage - Happiness in the Attic (7th Heaven)

Herbert Brenon - Captain Sorrell and His Son (Sorrell and Son)
King Vidor - A man of mass (The Crowd)

Best original story

Ben Hecht - Underworld (Underworld)

Lajos Biró - His Last Command (The Last Command)
Charles Chaplin - The Circus (The Circus)

Best adapted script

Benjamin Glazer - Happiness in the Attic (7th Heaven)

Alfred A. Cohn - The Jazz Singer (The Jazz Singer)
Anthony Coldeway - The Love of Betty Patterson (Glorious Betsy)

Best subtitles

Joseph Farnham - Overall Performance

Gerald Duffy - The love life of Helen of Troy (The Private Life of Helen of Troy)
George Marion Jr. - overall performance

Best camera

Charles Rosher and Karl Struss - Sunrise - Song of Two People (Sunrise)

George Barnes - The Devil Dancer , The Magic Flame and ... but the meat is weak (Sadie Thompson)

Best production design

William Cameron Menzies - The Dove and Weatherlighting (Tempest)

Rochus Gliese - Sunrise - A Song of Two People (Sunrise)
Harry Oliver - Happiness in the Attic (7th Heaven)

Best technical effects

Roy Pomeroy - Wings made of steel (Wings)

Ralph Hammeras - overall performance
Nugent Slaughter - Overall Performance

Honorary Oscar

Warner Bros. for the first sound film Der Jazzsänger ( The Jazzsinger )
Charles Chaplin for The Circus (The Circus)


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