Death wears black leather

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German title Death wears black leather
Original title The police station aiuto
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1974
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Massimo Dallamano
script Ettore Sanzò
Massimo Dallamano
production Primex
music Stelvio Cipriani
camera Franco Delli Colli
cut Antonio Siciliano

Death wearing black leather (Original title: La Polizia chiede aiuto ) is a 1974 published poliziotteschi with Claudio Cassinelli and Mario Adorf in the lead roles of the director Massimo Dallamano . The film is considered one of the main works of the genre.


The police are informed by a stranger that a young girl has committed suicide. A suicide is assumed.

A few days later, while reviewing recordings of a student revolt, it is discovered by chance that the dead woman went to another house on the exact day she died. The public prosecutor Stori ordered an examination of the body. It turns out that the girl did not commit suicide. The investigation reveals that the underage girl was pregnant. Comissario Silvestri now takes over the investigation. During the investigation of the possible crime scene, a man is arrested who secretly wanted to take photos of the crime scene. The arrested person is Bruno Paglia. He had been taking pictures of the girl having sexual intercourse with a boy for several weeks. Paglia is released under pressure from the chief prosecutor.

When checking the apartment in which the girl went on the day of the crime, a bathtub full of blood is discovered. The news is spreading like wildfire in Milan. The pressure of the press on the police investigation work is growing.

The mother of the murdered girl, Mrs. Polvesi, answers. She reports that she often had arguments with her daughter. The girl was only 15 and took the pill regularly. To find out more about the background, she hired the private detective Talenti.

Silvestri does not manage to find Talenti. You can find your vehicle standing on an expressway. Talenti's corpse was cut into several pieces in the trunk. So the blood in the apartment came from Talenti. Silvestri and Stori conclude from this that Talenti must have known about the dubious machinations. In the evening, Talenti's girlfriend contacts Silvestri. She has been in the hospital since an accident. When Silvestri arrives at her home, he can just prevent the death of Talenti's girlfriend. A stranger in motorcycle gear tried to hack them up with an ax. The stranger flees on a motorcycle. Despite a spectacular chase, the police fail to catch the man. It turns out that Talenti had made a lot of money through blackmail. His girlfriend hands the police over tapes. Underage girls can be heard prostituting on the tape recordings. Valentini learns that his daughter also belongs to a call girl ring of underage girls.

Prosecutor Stori survived an assassination attempt with great difficulty. Your driver's skull will be split open. A little later, an assassination attempt is carried out on Bruno Paglia. Paglia manages to call an emergency doctor with the last of his strength. Paglia dies on the way to the hospital. In order to put the perpetrators under pressure, Silvestri claims to the press that Paglia survived and the background would be exposed. The local newspapers publish this news. The next day, the well-known youth psychologist Professor Beltrame is found dead. Beltrame has committed suicide. Ironically, the head of youth psychology maintained a call girl ring for underage girls in town. Silvestri and Stori find extensive records of Beltrame's customers in his office. Many famous people and ministers are among them. Silvestri and Stori would like to publish these documents and clarify the background. The chief public prosecutor forbids further investigations. An explanation of the circumstances would be forbidden from Rome and would not be politically wanted.

useful information

  • The score was reused in the 2009 film Amer .
  • In 2013 the film music was used again; The Child of Lov used parts of it in the title 'Fly'.


“The film is really, really great. Even as an effective cinema of suspense, the film leaves nothing to be desired. But the fact that it also sensitively depicts the emotionally strong motive of child abuse makes it a good acting cinema. "

“Director Dallamo has created a jewel of the genre… It's hard to find a similar combination of emotionally upsetting suspense film and abdominal-centered sex and crime. ... It should be difficult to approach such a speculative topic again in this day and age ... "

- Karsten Thurau : Terror directs

“Dallamano also follows the tradition of the Italian political thriller, because even when the list of child molesters is discovered, the investigation has to be stopped because the perpetrators can be found in the highest government circles. But Dallamano's film does not act as a socially critical didactic piece, rather it touches on many of the topics elegantly and holds them together with a dramatic array of tensions, which culminates in some bloodthirsty staged murder acts. To Stelvio Cipriani's original beat soundtrack, which also plays children's choirs and works with spinet molds (reminiscent of Morricone), the sharply defined widescreen images unfold exciting set pieces that are rarely seen in current cinema ... 'Death wears black leather' is an absolute hit - 30 Years after its creation ... "

- Marcus Stiglegger :

“With La Polizia chiede aiuto or better known here as Death wears black leather, director Massimo Dallamano has achieved a really great success, who is also one of the best representatives of the Italian Giallo genre. ... The film has a lot to offer the viewer: a brisk narrated plot that always offers something new, an entertaining sleaze factor, a few fast-paced action scenes, for the horror fan even a few bloody death scenes and wonderful catchy music by Stelvio Cipriani. In addition, director Massimo Dallamano adorned the whole thing with a few subtle political undertones and reveals the depths of human souls. In summary: very big cinema, a highlight of exploitation cinema. "

- Carsten Henkelmann : Sense of view

“So 'Death Wears Black Leather' is a very brutal, serious and dark crime film. ... But the film is really damn exciting and captivating, which is not least due to the excellent staging. "

- David Kugler :

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