The Happy Family (TV Series)

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Television series
Original title The happy family
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1987-1991
length 48 minutes
Episodes 52 in 3 seasons
genre Family series
idea Jörg Grünler
production Jörg Schulmeister
music Mick Builder
First broadcast October 20, 1987 on Das Erste

Main actor:

Maria Schell
Maria Behringer
Siegfried Rauch
Florian Behringer
Susanna Wellenbrink
Tami Behringer
Julia Heinemann
Alex Behringer
Maria Furtwängler
Katja Behringer

Supporting cast:

Fritz Strassner
Ludwig Behringer
Elisabeth Welz
Mady Rahl
Sönke Wortmann
Jonathan Ryan
James Flanigan
Michael Hinz
Peter Kraus

The happy family is a German television series in 52 parts, which was broadcast on Wednesdays from 1987 to 1991 on ARD's evening program. It tells the story of the Behringer family with their everyday problems. As the parents of the family, Siegfried Rauch and Maria Schell appeared in their only leading role in a series.


The series is about the Behringer family, who lived in Graefelfing near Munich , a typical middle-class family of the late 1980s. The computer expert Florian and the journalist Maria, both around fifty, live with their daughters Tami, Katja and Alex in the Munich suburb of Graefelfing. Grandpa Behringer lives in the same house and is passionate about railways. The Franconian housekeeper Erna, who is not at a loss for comment, is the backbone of the family.

After Alex dropped out of school, she opened the fashion boutique "Chez Alex", which soon had to file for bankruptcy. She is doing an apprenticeship as a seamstress and has a son from Richie at the age of 18. This relationship breaks up and Richie goes to the USA. Alex meets the fashion designer Heinrich Wolfgruber and moves in with him. Katja marries the Irishman James Flanigan and moves in with him in Dublin .

Florian, Maria and Tami are going to the USA for a year. On their return they buy a house in a village in Upper Bavaria . Katja's marriage has failed and so she also returns to Germany. Florian takes the plunge into self-employment, Maria writes a book about the family life of the Behringers. Heinrich Wolfgruber tries to reorganize the company with a large-scale insurance fraud, but an employee finds out about him and blackmails him. Towards the end of the series, Maria falls seriously ill and eventually dies during an operation.


The series produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk showed typical everyday problems such as marital quarrels (also in the relationships of older daughters), midlife crises , puberty problems among teenagers, but also addressed cancer and the death of a main character in the last season. For satirical and comical interludes, among others, the grandpa Ludwig, embodied by Fritz Straßner , and the Middle Franconian housekeeper Erna.

Numerous television stars made guest appearances in the series, including Ottfried Fischer , Iris Berben , Thomas Ohrner , Harald Leipnitz and Michael Hinz . For Maria Furtwängler , who played together with her mother Kathrin Ackermann in the series , The Happy Family marked the beginning of her television career. The later film director Sönke Wortmann participated in several episodes and also completed an internship on the set of the series as an assistant director. For Maria Schell, The Happy Family was one of her last major roles on German television.

All three seasons of the series are available on DVD.

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