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Ecclesia Holding GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 1952 (origin 1909)
Seat Detmold , Germany
management Tilman Kay (chairman), Jochen Körner, Stefan Ziegler
Number of employees 1750 employees (2019)
sales 235 million euros (2019)
Branch Insurance broker
As of February 5, 2020

Ecclesia headquarters in Detmold, January 2013

The Ecclesia Group with its parent company Ecclesia Holding GmbH based in Detmold is an international company that employs around 1750 people. According to its own statements, the group is "the largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions and a leader in Europe".


The Ecclesia Group emerged from Ecclesia Versicherungsdienst GmbH, founded in 1952 , an insurance broker for church, welfare and health care. The creation of additional companies and the construction / acquisition of special agents created a group of companies .

The partner is Ecclesia Holding GmbH owned by the Evangelical Church in Germany , the German Caritas Association. V. and the Evangelical Work for Diakonie and Development e. V. The partner of the group company UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH is the Deutsche Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband e. V. - Gesamtverband and VMD Versicherungsdienst GmbH, a company of the Ecclesia Group.

The shareholder structure is also reflected in the traditional business areas of the Ecclesia Group. The main customers include the churches and ecclesiastical institutions, voluntary welfare institutions, hospitals, university clinics, rehabilitation clinics, care institutions for the elderly and other health care institutions. At the beginning of 1987, the group also built up an industrial business.

The history of the company goes back to the year 1909. At that time the ecclesiastical province of Rhineland (since 1947 Evangelical Church in the Rhineland ) initiated the establishment of the Ecclesia Pfarrerversicherung .

In addition to the headquarters in Detmold, the Ecclesia Group has offices in Berlin , Essen , Frankfurt , Hamburg , Hanover , Koblenz , Cologne , Leipzig , Mönchengladbach , Mülheim , Munich , Nuremberg , Oldenburg , Osnabrück and Stuttgart . Ecclesia operates its own companies in Austria , Switzerland , Belgium , the Netherlands , Italy and Turkey .


The Imperial Supervisory Office for Private Insurance issued on 21 June 1909, the Ecclesia pastor insurance, life mutual insurance company in Cologne , the authorization to do business. The German Evangelical Church Committee took over the patronage of the association, whose first products were a life insurance , an abbreviated life insurance and a military service and dowry insurance . The business developed positively and so under Friedrich Schäfer, at the time chairman of the Protestant Parish Association of the Rhine Province and the Association of Prussian Parish Associations, the Ecclesia building load and fire insurance association was founded in Cologne on the Rhine .

The hyperinflation of 1923 brought the club into economic difficulties and it had to disband as a result in 1929. Remaining stocks were transferred to Münchener Lebensversicherungsbank AG. On October 9, 1929, however, the Ecclesia evangelische Pfarrerwohlfahrt e. V. founded as a consultant in civil law and economic issues as well as an insurance broker. During the Second World War , the association's business activities came to a standstill, and from 1938 there were no more activities.

After the end of the war, the Ecclesia evangelische Pfarrerwohlfahrt e. V. reactivated at the request of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland . The resumption of activities took place on August 11, 1949. The seat of the association was now Detmold . The association did not act as an insurer, but should act as a church advisory and mediation agency. 1952 Ecclesia Versicherungs-Vermittlungs GmbH was founded in Stuttgart . Ecclesia e. V. in Detmold and Jauch & Hübener from Hamburg, even then the largest German insurance broker. Different goals led to the separation of the partners as early as 1955.

In 1959 the Arminia Versicherungsdienst GmbH (today Deutsche Vorsorge GmbH ) and in 1960 the UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH was founded together with the German Parity Welfare Association. From 1965 to 1982, the Arminia Insurance Service worked together with Family Welfare Life Insurance . On January 31, 1962, the headquarters of Ecclesia was relocated to Detmold , which from 1963 operated as Ecclesia Versicherungsdienst GmbH . On January 1, 1976, the German Caritas Association joined the company as a partner. The former Protestant company was thus ecumenical . The foundation of VMD Versicherungsdienst GmbH in 1982 initially served private and public welfare . However, at the end of the 1980s it expanded its services to include industry and commerce. After reunification, Ecclesia expanded its business activities to include all of Germany from 1990 onwards.

The company became active beyond the German borders from 1992. A representative office in Vienna and a company in Budapest were founded. In 1995 another new company was founded in Poland . In 1994 the GRB Society for Risk Consulting Ltd. was established . Together with the Catholic Hospital Association Germany, the German Evangelical Hospital Association, Caritas and Diakonie, the standard-setting and certifying society proCum Cert was founded in 1998 . In 1999, Ecclesia bought and integrated the insurance broker City Broker from Bern . In 2004, DaimlerChrysler took over debis with 220 employees. In 2005 Ecclesia founded the Ecclesia GrECo Hospital Versicherungsmakler GmbH together with the largest Austrian broker, GrECo International AG in Vienna . The Ecclesia Group has been involved in GrECo International since 2008. In 2011 the Belgian insurance broker IC Verzekeringen NV from Brussels was integrated . In 2012, the company transferred its operational activities as an insurance broker to a subsidiary and has since acted as a pure holding company .


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