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Edwin Waldemar Balduin Friedrich Drenkmann , from 1901 by Drenkmann , (born June 6, 1826 in Opole , Province of Silesia , † May 8, 1904 in Berlin ) was a lawyer , crown syndic and chief president of the Berlin Court of Justice .


He came from a Müller family from Calbe (Saale) (today Salzlandkreis , Saxony-Anhalt , first mentioned in 1709). On January 18, 1901, Drenkmann was raised to the Prussian nobility in Berlin . He was Protestant.

Drenkmann married Anna Licht on October 11, 1860 in Berlin (* February 2, 1833 in Berlin; † August 4, 1898 in Sellin ).

His grandson was the President of the Supreme Court, Günter von Drenkmann (1910–1974), who was murdered by terrorists . Another grandson was the officer and lieutenant general Kurt Agricola (1889–1955).


After studying in Breslau and Berlin, he was sworn in to the Prussian sovereign in 1846. In 1848 he was promoted from auscultator to trainee lawyer. In 1852 Drenkmann was appointed court assessor and assistant public prosecutor and came to Opole from his traineeship in Groß-Strehlitz . In 1853 he was transferred to Berlin and in 1856 appointed to the High Court. In 1857 he was promoted to Second Public Prosecutor and in 1862 to First Public Prosecutor at the Supreme Court. In 1865 he became a judge of appeal in Halberstadt and in 1869 a judge of the chamber judge. In 1872 he became senior tribunal councilor and in 1874 vice-president of the court of appeal in Poznan . In 1876 he became president of the appellate court in Marienwerder in Pomerania . In 1879 he became President of the Senate of the Second Criminal Senate at the Imperial Court and was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, Second Class. In 1884 he led the trial against the assassins from the Niederwald Monument , August Reinsdorf and Emil Küchler . In 1889 he returned to the Supreme Court as chief president. From 1890 he was also crown syndic. In 1896 he was honored with the titles of Excellency and Real Privy Councilor on the anniversary of his service and a Drenkmann Foundation was established by the officials of the Chamber Court. In the last years of his life he was sick several times.

From 1890 until his death in 1904 he was a member of the Prussian manor house . He was considered unaffected, law-abiding and therefore suggested - which did not correspond to the anti-Semitic public zeitgeist - in 1892/1893 suitable assessors for the appointment of judges even if they belonged to a Jewish community. With all due respect for von Drenkmann, the Ministry of Justice did not follow these suggestions.

Edwin von Drenkmann died in Berlin in 1904 at the age of almost 78. His grave is in Cemetery II of the Jerusalem and New Churches in Berlin-Kreuzberg . The black granite grave cross has been lost, only the base still exists.


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