A man of the world

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German title A man of the world
Original title En ganske snill man
Country of production Norway
original language Norwegian
Publishing year 2010
length 103 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Hans Petter Moland
script Kim Fupz Aakeson
production Finn Gjerdrum
Stein B. Kvae
music Halfdan E.
camera Philip Øgaard
cut Jens Christian Fodstad

Ein Mann von Welt ( Norwegian En ganske snill mann , 'A pretty good / nice man') is a Norwegian comedy film from 2010. The screenplay was written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and directed by Hans Petter Moland . The film took part in the Berlin International Film Festival 2010 .


After twelve long years, Ulrik is released from prison. He was serving a murder sentence for killing his wife's lover. When the prison door opens, he stands in front of a monotonous, desolate, snow-covered landscape. Nobody is waiting for him. The world has become alien to him. It almost seems like he would rather stay in prison than be free and not know what to do with himself now.

Ulrik meets Jensen, whose henchman he was once and who contributed to the actually peaceful Ulrik committing the murder. Jensen is no longer the same; he has a shabby Mercedes and a lot of unpaid bills.

Jensen organizes accommodation with his sister, the quirky Karen Margarete, and gets him a job in a car repair shop. Karen Margarete cooks for Ulrik, watches TV with him and asks for a brief intercourse in return. Ulrik tries to leave his past behind, but always falls back into old behavior. He often sleeps reluctantly with his landlady and also with his former wife. He breaks the arms of the stalking ex-husband of his boss's daughter. In addition, he does everything that Jensen demands of him. He wants Ulrik to take revenge on Kenny, the brother of his wife's lover. After the murder, Kenny had testified to the police and thus contributed to Ulrik's conviction. In the presence of Jensen, Ulrik buys a firearm from a Sami seller.

Still, the tide seems to be slowly but surely turning for the better. Ulrik seeks contact with his son. Although he denied him in front of his wife and passed him off as his uncle, Ulrik is happy about the offspring soon. He also falls in love with Merete, the workshop owner's daughter. It seems like he's finished with his past, and so he breaks with Jensen.

But the situation changes abruptly. After his son confessed to his wife that Ulrik was not his uncle but his father and had been behind bars for murder, she no longer wants to see him and also forbids Ulrik to interact with his future grandson. His landlady finds out that he has fallen in love with the workshop owner's daughter and confronts Merete. Ulrik's girlfriend turns away from him; At the same time, he is fired by his boss for breaking his promise to leave Merete alone.

Ulrik now makes the decision to carry out his plan of revenge. He tries to get in touch with Jensen again, with whom he is preparing the murder. But Ulrik doesn't manage to kill Kenny. By chance he learns that Jensen has lied to and betrayed him. The financial assistance he allegedly received from Jensen during his twelve years in prison was in fact from Kenny. Jensen withheld a larger sum from it.

Ulrik is apparently planning to kill himself, but first wants to visit his son one last time. But this is away and so he meets the heavily pregnant daughter-in-law. At first she doesn't want to let him into the apartment, she calls out to him as he leaves, but briefly asks where her husband is. At that very moment the amniotic sac bursts. Ulrik wants to take the pregnant woman to the hospital in the Mercedes borrowed from Jensen, but with his help, the delivery takes place in the car beforehand. The heroic act leads his daughter-in-law to make up with him.

When Ulrik meets Jensen, he is disappointed that the murder was not carried out. Horrified by the blood in his car, he tries to clean it and berates Ulrik as a failure. Ulrik then shoots him, puts the corpse in the trunk of the Mercedes and scraps the car with the corpse in a car press. This is the final break with his past, the film ends with a confident Ulrik.


“Stellan Skarsgård is taking a blockbuster break in Hollywood and is filming in Scandinavia again. He shines in the role of a murderer who is released after twelve years and wants to give his botched life a new meaning. "

- critic.de - the film site

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