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Enez (Turkey)
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Basic data
Province (il) : Edirne
Coordinates : 40 ° 44 '  N , 26 ° 4'  E Coordinates: 40 ° 44 '0 "  N , 26 ° 4' 0"  E
Residents : 4,275 (2018)
Telephone code : (+90) 284
Postal code : 22 700
License plate : 22nd
Structure and administration (as of 2019)
Structure : 3 malls
Mayor : Özkan Günenç ( CHP )
Postal address : Gazi Ömer Bey Mah.
Yunus Gazi Sokak. No: 3
22700 Enez
County of Enez
Residents : 10,886 (2018)
Surface: 455 km²
Population density : 24 inhabitants per km²
Kaymakam : Elif Canan Tuncer
Website (Kaymakam):
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Enez ( Bulgarian Енос / Enos, Greek Αίνος / Ainos, also Apsinthos, Latin Ænus ) is a Turkish city ​​in Eastern Thrace on the southeast bank of the Evros (Turkish Meriç) in the province of Edirne and at the same time the name of the district ( İlçe ). The city is home to about 40 percent of the district's population.

The district was formed in 1953 and is located in the southwest of the province. It borders on İpsala County to the north and Keşan County to the east. In the northwest the district has a border with Greece. In addition to the district town, the district consists of 19 villages with an average of 348 inhabitants. Sultaniçe is the largest village with 1,041 inhabitants.


Diobol from Ainos, city name about goat, approx. 435–405 BC Minted

In ancient times the place was called Ainos and was an ancient port city in Eastern Thrace on the east bank of the Evros.

Ainos is already mentioned in Homer , Iliad 4, 520, and in Herodotus IV 90. The place was established as an Aioli colony by Mytilene and Kyme in the 7th century BC. Founded; the supposed Thracian name Poltymbria ( Strabo 7,7,1) is a late fiction. The city became prosperous through trade and agriculture and, as a member of the 1st Attisch-Deli Maritime Federation, paid high taxes. Ainos fought on the side of Athens in the Peloponnesian War and was defeated in 375 BC. BC. Member of the 2nd Attic League . From 341 to 185 BC Ainos belonged to the empire of the Attalids of Pergamon , who bequeathed Ainos with their entire empire to the Romans.

In late antiquity the place was the bishopric and capital of the small province of Rhodope . Prokop ( De Aedificiis 4, 11, 1–5) reports that Emperor Justinian I had the walls of the city expanded into a fortress.

In place of the ancient acropolis is a medieval castle of the Genoese family of Gattilusio , who ruled the city from 1376 until it was occupied by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II in 1456 as a Genoese colony .

After the First Balkan War , the city was initially intended as a border with Bulgaria ( London Treaty (1913) ), which was corrected a few months later after the Second Balkan War in the Turkish favor ( Peace of Bucharest (1913) ).

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