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Ernst Graf zur Lippe-Weißenfeld (born February 21, 1825 in See bei Niesky , † July 28, 1909 in Berlin ) was a Prussian cavalry master and historian .


Ernst, Graf and Noble Herr zur Lippe-Weißenfeld was a member of the Lippe family , more precisely of the Lippe-Weißenfeld line . His parents were Ludwig Graf and Edler Herr zur Lippe-Biesterfeld-Weißenfeld (1781-1860) and his wife Eleonore Auguste, née Countess von Hohenthal (1795-1856). The Prussian Minister of Justice Leopold zur Lippe-Biesterfeld-Weißenfeld (1815-1889) was his older brother.

Lippe-Weißenfeld joined the Prussian Army and was in the Hussar Regiment No. 6 , whose regimental history he wrote in the same year , until his illness-related dimission on January 14, 1860, most recently as Rittmeister . As a historian, he was also a contributor to the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie , to which he contributed 47 individual articles. Numerous other military-historical specialist publications, some under pseudonyms , were created by him.

Lippe-Weißenfeld was u. a. Knight of the Order of St. John , Knight I Class of the House Order Albrecht the Bear , Knight II Class of the Order of Saint Michael and the Order of the Zähringer Lion , Holder of the Cross of Honor I Class of the Lippe House Order , holder of the Military Merit Medal , of the Order of the Crown III. Class, the army commemorative coin 1864 , the centenary medal and Commander of the Military and Community Service Order Adolph von Nassau .


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