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upper course Katzenbach
Eusserbach below Eusserthal

Eusserbach below Eusserthal

Water code DE : 237726
location Haardt Mountains


LK Southern Wine Route
River system Rhine
Drain over Eisbach  → Queich  → Rhine  → North Sea
source near the Pfaffenkopf in the Middle Palatinate Forest
49 ° 17 ′ 20 ″  N , 7 ° 58 ′ 30 ″  E
Source height approx.  348  m above sea level NHN
confluence with the Dernbach to Eisbach Coordinates: 49 ° 13 '47 "  N , 7 ° 59' 53"  E 49 ° 13 '47 "  N , 7 ° 59' 53"  E
Mouth height approx.  174  m above sea level NHN
Height difference approx. 174 m
Bottom slope approx. 20 ‰
length 8.9 km
(10.48 km including Eisbach )
Catchment area 32.89 km²
(49.75 km² including Eisbach )
Left tributaries → Section tributaries
Right tributaries → Section tributaries
Reservoirs flowed through Trout pond Schweinswoog north of Eusserthal
Small towns Annweiler am Trifels
Communities Eusserthal

The Eußerbach with its upper course Katzenbach is a flowing water in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Südliche Weinstrasse and the almost 9 km long, right or northwestern source brook of the Eisbach . The water management administration of Rhineland-Palatinate specifies the length of the Eusserbach including the approximately 1.5 km long Eisbach as 10.48 km.



The Eußerbach rises as Katzenbach in the Middle Palatinate Forest at about 348  m above sea level. NHN in a valley belonging to the Roschbach Forest 1 km west-southwest of the 566  m high Pfaffenkopf and initially flows largely in a southerly direction.

Then the Katzenbach turns clearly to the south-west and unites at about 232  m altitude with the Dörenbach coming from the right from the north-west to form the Eusserbach, which in turn flows south. 2 km it is the 450 m long Schweinswoog dammed where trout breed is operated.

At the entrance to the local community of Eußerthal , the Dürrentalbach flows as the strongest inlet at about 202  m above sea level from the right , which is also called Sulzbach here on its lower course and has given its name to an Eusserthaler Weg. For the rest of its course, the Eußerbach flows south-east. Within the municipality, the Mühlbach branches off to the right and is re-introduced after 1 km; it once served as a canal to supply a mill , which was named Klostermühle after the Cistercian Abbey of Eusserthal and is now called the Alte Mühle . Below Eußerthal, the Eußerbach experiences a second, also temporary branch to the right, which is about 800 m long, and receives the Eischbach from the left .

In the district town Annweiler am Trifels the Eußerbach combined at about 174  m height with the coming of the left Northeast, nearly 7.5 km long Dernbach to Eisbach , which already is 1.5 km away from the left in the Rhine tributary Queich opens .


  • Flemlinger Bach ( right ), 0.4 km, 0.69 km²
  • Walsheimer Bach ( right ), 0.2 km, 0.24 km²
  • Katzentalbach ( left ), 0.2 km, 0.76 km²
  • Dörenbach ( right ), 3.4 km, 7.25 km²
  • Krappengraben ( right ), 0.4 km, 0.38 km²
  • Lauberstalbach ( left ), 0.7 km, 1.60 km²
  • Dürrentalbach , on the Unterlauf also Sulzbach ( right ), 3.9 km, 7.30 km²
  • Prestenbach ( right ), 0.9 km, 1.16 km²
  • Auerbach ( right ), 0.2 km, 0.30 km²
  • Eischbach ( left ), 2.2 km, 1.70 km²
  • Ruthenbach ( right ), 0.9 km, 0.54 km²


Part of the Eußerbach and its right tributary Dürrentalbach in full flow parallel to the state road 505, which is narrow and winding from the B 10 ( Pirmasens - Landau ) in the south through Eusserthal to the Taubensuhl forest house in the northwest.


Monastery Church - The most historically significant building in the Eusserbach Valley is the Romanesque St. Bernhard church of the former Cistercian Abbey of Eusserthal .

Viewpoints - The state road 505, which rises from about 170  m in the south to heights of over 500  m , is very picturesque and has high-altitude viewpoints. The environment is largely natural.

Individual evidence

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  4. The Flemlinger Bach, at LANIS Katzenbach , flows out of the Flemlinger Forest.
  5. The Walsheimer Bach flows out of the Walsheimer Wald.
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  8. The Prestenbach flows from the Prestenberg and flows into the Mühlbach , a right fork of the Eusserbach .
  9. The source pond of the Auerbach used to serve as a bathing pond in Eusserthal and gave the Badstrasse its name.
  10. The Eischbach, incorrectly also Fischbach , flows between the large and the small Eischkopf .
  11. The Ruthenbach flows into a right fork of the Eusserbach .