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The five (5) is the natural number between four and six . It is odd and a prime number .


Pentagram and Pentagon

Whole numbers that have a zero or five as the last digit in the decimal system can be divided by five as a whole number. All odd multiples of five end with five (all even multiples with zero).

Natural sciences

The Pentadaktylie, the Fünfstrahligkeit or Fünffingrigkeit, is the basic breakdown of individual limbs of vertebrates in five distal, ie terminal, extensions. This does not have to be pronounced in primitive vertebrates and can regress in some higher vertebrates, for example in snakes or horses.

The echinoderms have a five-pointed radial symmetry , commonly known in starfish .

Some plants, such as bluebells and rose plants, have five-fold flowers, some with five-pointed fruits, for example apples and pears .

Cultural meanings

The five Olympic rings symbolize the five continents involved in the Olympic Games .

Aristotle distinguished five human senses : sight , hearing , smell , taste , and touch .

The five pillars belong to the foundations of Islam . Muslims say prayer five times a day .

In Christianity , the five wounds of Christ are objects of devotion and veneration.

According to Taoist tradition there are the five elements water , fire , earth , wood and metal . There are only four elements in the Western tradition ; However, Aristotle adopted the ether as the fifth element, hence the term quintessence .

In many Eastern and Western cultures, five is the number of love as the indivisible sum of the male number three and the female number two. She was considered the number of the goddess of love Venus .

In the Chinese number symbolism , the five has a special meaning. Since the four is considered a bad number in Chinese tradition, in addition to the four cardinal points north, south, east and west, there is also a fifth, vertically upwards.


School grade

In Germany , five is the second worst school grade , in Austria the worst. In Russia , Hungary and Turkey , five is the best school grade.

Proverbs / sayings

  • Something superfluous is called “the fifth wheel on the car” in German.
  • If you don't take something very seriously, you let “five be even”, which means that you take an odd number for an even number.
  • The Roman numeral for five is V (the consonantic U), the ten is denoted by X (graphically a double V). This is where the saying “show an X for a U” comes from; i.e., to pretend that 5 = 10.

Compositions with "quinque" and "pente"

The Latin word for five quinque or the associated ordinal number quintus (German: the fifth) can be found in foreign words such as fifth ( interval ), quintet ( music ensemble ) or quinta (class).

Objects made up of five parts are called quinary , in today's language more like the big five .

The Greek word for five πέντε pente can be found in foreign words such as pentagon ( pentagon ), pentagram (pentagonal star) or pentateuch (five books of Moses) and in the names of some chemical compounds such as pentabromodiphenyl ether (five bromine atoms) or iron pentacarbonyl (five CO- Groups).


  • The Discordianism explains 5 satirically to the sacred number, and accordingly the trilogy Illuminatus! the number 23 with the checksum 5 to the cosmic code .
  • The word "five" is next to "Senf" and "Hanf" one of the three German words that end in "nf" (if one speaks of a few toponyms such as "Geneva" as well as compounds such as "Feuersenf" and derivatives such as "one hundred and five" disregards).
  • The fifth column comes from within, while the other four are assigned to the cardinal points.
  • Group 05 is a name for the Lübeck literature meeting .
  • Schalke 05 an excitement from the early days of German color television.
  • Group of Five : a group of 19th century Russian composers.
  • In the case of radiotelephony , on the telephone and on number transmitters, the pronunciation five is used for better distinction , comparable to two for two .
  • House 5 (LVR Clinic Düren)
  • 5 a day is the name of a diet.
  • A Prussian legal compendium was called the Fünfmännerbuch .

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