Imabari FC

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Imabari FC
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Basic data
Seat Imabari , Ehime
founding 1976
Colours blue yellow
First soccer team
Head coach SpainSpain Lluís Planagumà
Venue Arigato Service Yume Stadium
Places 5,000
league Japan Football League
2017 6th place

FC Imabari ( Japanese FC 今 治 Efu Shī Imabari ) is a Japanese football club from Imabari in Ehime Prefecture . He is a J. League Centenary Club and has played in the Japan Football League since 2017 .


Early years

The association was founded in 1976 as Ōnishi SC ( 大西 サ ッ カ ー ク ラ ブ Ōnishi Sakkā Kurabu ) in the then still independent small town of Ōnishi . From 1983 Ōnishi SC was able to establish itself in the highest league of the Ehime prefecture and belonged to this almost continuously until the turn of the millennium; the 1991 season in which the team was this, the only exception Shikoku - Regional belonged, but there did not make it past the last place and relegation straight back. With this promotion, the name of the team changed for the first time. In order to inspire the population of the neighboring city of Imabari and the entire surrounding district of Ochi , the first characters of the two places ( for Imabari, for the Ochi district) were merged to Imao FC ( 今 越 フ ッ ト ボ ー ル ク ラ ブ Imao Futtobōru Kurabu ).

For the 2001 season Imao FC managed to return to the Shikoku regional league. In 2004, the regional league team within the club was separated from the other teams and received a separate board in order to better promote the sporting development. At the same time, it was renamed Ehime Shimanami FC ( 愛媛 し ま な み FC Ehime Shimanani Efu Shī ). In 2009 began a three-year cooperation with the J. League club Ehime FC , which used the team as its official reserve team. This again led to a change of name to Ehime FC Shimanami, albeit a minor one .

The cooperation with Ehime FC turned out to be fruitful and culminated in a total of three participations as a representative of the Ehime prefecture in the Imperial Cup at the end of the 2011 season even in winning the Shikoku regional league. However, the club had to refrain from participating in the regional league finals because a promotion to the Japan Football League could not be financially realized. This is probably one of the reasons why those responsible decided to end the cooperation with Ehime FC and to re-establish the club as FC Imabari . The goal was now the medium-term promotion to the J. League .

Imabari FC and Takeshi Okada

The newly founded association was able to seamlessly build on the successes of 2011 in 2012 and 2013; In both years Imabari was able to win the Shikoku regional league and qualify for the Kaiser Cup, in the 2012 Kaiser Cup even the first division Sanfrecce Hiroshima was eliminated in the 2nd round . However, the 2014 season was below expectations with a third place in the league and a first round in the Kaiser Cup. Therefore, the entry of the former Japanese national coach Takeshi Okada , who acquired the majority of the club's shares in November 2014, came at just the right time.

Shortly after taking office as club chairman, Okada announced the goal of redesigning the club so that it would be able to "win the J1 League " within the next few years . For this purpose, the former U-17 national coach Hirofumi Yoshitake and Takeshi Ōki, who previously worked for Ventforet Kofu , Shimizu S-Pulse and Kyōto Sanga , were two experienced trainers. With the changes at the top, it was possible to return directly to the road to success, the regional league title as well as the now almost mandatory qualification for the Imperial Cup were achieved in both 2015 and 2016.

At the same time, the performance in the regional league finals showed how much the team could improve in general. If you left the preliminary round of this competition relatively unsophisticated in 2012 and 2013, the second place in the preliminary round was achieved in 2015, which was barely enough to reach the final round. In the 2016 season, the best four teams finally made it into the finals. There the FC Imabari could not be beaten and with three wins from three games easily achieved the first place qualifying for promotion to the Japan Football League .

At the same time, in February 2016, another important step on the way to professional leagues was achieved with the achievement of the status of a J. League Centenary Club . The opening of the Arigato Service Yume Stadium followed in mid-2017, which offers space for 5,000 spectators and is intended to serve as a home ground for the club in the future.


  • Shikoku Regional League (5)
2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • Japanese Regional Leagues Finals (1)


The club plays its home game at the Arigato Service Yume Stadium in Imabari in Ehime Prefecture . The stadium has a capacity of 5000 people.

Coordinates: 34 ° 2 ′ 28.3 "  N , 132 ° 57 ′ 21.9"  E


Status: June 2020

No. position Surname
1 JapanJapan TW Tomohito Shūgyō
2 Korea SouthSouth Korea FROM Jung Han-cheol
3 JapanJapan FROM Yūichi Komano
4th JapanJapan FROM Takuya Sonoda
6th JapanJapan FROM Kei Nakano
7th JapanJapan FROM Takafumi Yamada
8th JapanJapan MF Shungo Tamashiro
9 JapanJapan ST Kodai Nagashima
10 JapanJapan ST Jun Arima
11 JapanJapan ST Masamichi Hayashi
14th JapanJapan ST Ryota Kuwajima
15th JapanJapan MF Shu Fukuda
16 JapanJapan ST Takumi Katai
17th JapanJapan MF Shuto Ono
No. position Surname
18th JapanJapan MF Seito Murai
19th JapanJapan MF Ryosuke Ochi
20th JapanJapan MF Kazuki Okayama
21st JapanJapan TW Masaki Imagawa
22nd JapanJapan MF Takurō Uehara
23 Korea SouthSouth Korea TW Lee Do-hyung
24 JapanJapan FROM Takatora Kondo
25th JapanJapan MF Keishi Kusumi
26th JapanJapan FROM Ryotaro Hiramatsu
27 JapanJapan MF Hideo Hashimoto
29 JapanJapan ST Ryoya Iizumi
31 JapanJapan TW Shinji Okada
42 JapanJapan FROM Wataru Harada

Season placement

season league Item Emperor's Cup
2012 Shikoku Soccer League 1. 3rd round
2013 Shikoku Soccer League 1. 2nd round
2014 Shikoku Soccer League 3. 1 round
2015 Shikoku Soccer League 1. 1 round
2016 Shikoku Soccer League 1. 1 round
2017 JFL 6th 2nd round
2018 JFL 5. 2nd round
2019 JFL 3.  
2020 J3

Coach chronicle

Trainer nation from to
Takahiro Kimura JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2012 January 31, 2016
Hirofumi Yoshitake JapanJapan Japan January 1, 2016 June 27, 2018
Naoto Kudo JapanJapan Japan June 27, 2018 January 31, 2019
Takeshi Ono JapanJapan Japan 1st February 2019 January 31, 2020
Lluís Planagumà SpainSpain Spain February 1, 2020 today

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