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Franken stands for:

  • Franken (Volk) , a West Germanic ethnic group
  • Crusaders , who were generally referred to as Franks in the parlance of the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Franconians (pilgrims) , pilgrims who came to Italy and Spain from across the Alps or the Pyrenees
  • French , self-term during the French Revolution, sometimes also as "New Franconia".
  • Members of various German student associations, see Franconia
  • Franci , Roman collective name for the enemies of Rome, barbarians, Germanic tribes
  • Franci , in the modern language of the Eastern Mediterranean the Central Europeans, see Occident

such as:

  • Franc , a coin and currency denomination from France, which has spread to other countries
  • Swiss Francs (Fr./SFr./CHF), the Swiss currency
  • Belgian franc (fr / BEF), the former currency unit of Belgium
  • French Franc (FF / FRF), the former currency unit of France
  • Luxembourg Franc (Flux / LUF), the former currency unit of Luxembourg
  • Saar-Franconia , coins valid only in Saarland between 1954 and 1959 with German inscription, referring to the French franc.
  • Gold Francs , an international unit of account

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