Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel

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Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel

Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel (born October 24, 1811 in Neuenhaus , Grafschaft Bentheim , † January 23, 1871 in Utrecht ) was a German-Dutch botanist . Its official botanical author abbreviation is “ Miq. "


Miquel's ancestors come from France and emigrated to Germany. Friedrich Anton Wilhelm was the son of Anton Theodor Miquel (* December 8, 1783 in Neuenhaus; † March 31, 1862 ibid) and Luberta Kohler (* May 17, 1790 in Neuenhaus; † September 22, 1860 ibid). His brothers were Franz Wilhelm Miquel and Johannes von Miquel . After attending the Gymnasium Georgianum , he studied medicine at the University of Groningen , where he had enrolled on September 30, 1828. Here, above all, Herman Christiaan van Hall became his formative teacher, who inspired him for botany. On May 15, 1833 he received his doctorate in Groningen with the dissertation exhibens veterum de jecore merita as a doctor of medicine. He then worked as a doctor at the rural hospital in Amsterdam and went to Rotterdam in 1835 , where he taught pharmacology, botany and natural history as a lecturer at the clinical school there.

In 1846 he became professor of botany at the Athenaeum Illustre Amsterdam , which task he took on on March 2 of that year with the inaugural speech Oratio de regno vegetabili in telluris superficie mutanda efficaci (German: The constantly changing plant kingdom on the surface of the earth ). In 1859 he switched to the University of Utrecht as a professor , where he gave the inaugural speech Over het tegenwoordige standpunt der plantenkunde in hair connected met other wetenschappen (German: About the current state of botany in its connection with other sciences) and was there as director from 1862 of the Rijksherbarium in Leiden . In 1870/71 he was the rector of the university . He published several botanical works and was a member of the editorial team of the botanical journal Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe published by Louis van Houtte .


The plant genera Miquelia Meissn. the plant family of the Icacinaceae and the monotypic genus Miqueliopuntia with the only species Miqueliopuntia miquelii (Monv.) F.Ritter are named after him. In 1837 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina , from 1838 he was a corresponding and 1846 member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences , 1866 member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences , 1867 member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences , member of the Natural Research Society in Halle , Member of the Horticultural Society in St. Petersburg and Stockholm, member of the Linnean Society of London , member of the Societas Botaniees in Edinburg and almost all botanical learned societies in the Netherlands. He was knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion , Knight of the Swedish North Star Order and was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Franz Joseph Order . On May 24, 1850 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Groningen .


On March 25, 1841 Miquel married Catharina Elisabeth Madrij (* December 27, 1817 in Rotterdam; † August 18, 1895 in Wiesbaden), the eldest daughter of the Rotterdam banker Pieter Simon Madrij (* around 1791 in Rotterdam; † June 1, 1861 in Kralingen) and his wife Catharina Elisabeth Tavenraat (* around 1790 Rotterdam; † December 29, 1855 in Rotterdam). There are children from the marriage. We know of these:

  • Helene Miquel (born December 20, 1841 in Rotterdam, † May 22, 1914 in Wiesbaden)
  • Bertha Amalia Miquel (born May 16, 1843 in Rotterdam; † January 1, 1926 in The Hague) married. November 11, 1880 with Wilhelmus Johannes Karsten (born June 10, 1842 in Utrecht, † March 31, 1921 in The Hague)
  • Catharina Elisabeth Miquel (* December 20, 1841 in Rotterdam, † January 1908 in Wiesbaden)
  • Anton Theodor Miquel (born June 19, 1845 in Rotterdam; † January 19, 1912 in Homburg vd Höhe) became a lawyer, married. October 17, 1873 in Raalte with Clara Henckels (born July 9, 1851 in Grünewald (Düsseldorf), † 1892 in Homburg)
  • Pieter Simon Miquel (born January 20, 1849 in Rotterdam, † May 13, 1850 in Amsterdam)
  • Betsij Miquel (born March 27, 1851 in Amsterdam, † March 12, 1907 in Wiesbaden) married. November 14, 1885 in The Hague with Daniel Hermannus Waubert de Puiseau (born April 19, 1837 in Sneek, † September 27, 1914 in Gonsenheim)
  • Frederica Antonia Wilhelmina Miquel (born March 29, 1862 in Utrecht, † March 2, 1924 in Biebrich am Rhein) married. January 12, 1898 in Wiesbaden with P (aul) H (ugo) Hoeckner

Works (selection)

  • Describatur de Germinatione plantarum, praemissa brevi disputatione de partibus sive organis quibus constat fructus deque partium functione. Groningen 1831
  • Organorum in vegetabilibus exponatur ortus, explicatio et successio, tum aliorum ex aliis et in alia mutatio, quam metamorphosin sive prolapsin plantarum dicunt botanici. Leiden 1833
  • Tentamen florae Homericae. German translated: Altona 1836
  • Disquisitio geogr.-botanica de plantarum Regni Batavi distributione. Leiden 1837
  • Genera Cactearum , Rotterdam, 1839
  • Commentatio de vero Pipere Cubeba deque speciebus cognatis ac cum eo commutatis, cui praemissa est disputatio taxonomica et geographica de Piperaceis. Leiden 1839
  • Monographia Cycadearum , Utrecht, 1842
  • Systema Piperacearum. Rotterdam, 1843-1844
  • Oratio de regno vegetabili in telluris superficie mutanda efficaci. Amsterdam 1846
  • Illustrationes piperacearum. Bonn, 1847
  • Stirpes Surinamenses selectae. Leiden 1850
  • Cycadeae quaedam Americanae, partim novae. Amsterdam, 1851
  • De fossile planned van het krijt in Limburg. Haarlem 1853
  • Flora van Nederlandsch Indië. Amsterdam- Utrecht- Leipzig, 1855, 4th vol.
  • Flora Indiae batavae. Amsterdam, 1855-1859
  • Prodromus systematis Cycadearum. Utrecht 1861
  • Sumatra, its flora and its products. Leipzig 1862
  • De Palmis Archipelagi Indici observationes novae. Amsterdam, 1868
  • Illustrations de la Flore de l 'Archipelago India. Utrecht-Leipzig, 1870


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