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Georg Landau's grave in the main cemetery in Kassel

Johann Georg Landau (born October 26, 1807 in Kassel ; † February 15, 1865 there ) was a German archivist and historian .


Georg Landau was the son of a shoemaker who died in 1824. Landau just could Bürgerschule visit. He worked as a lawyer clerk for six years and provided for his family with this activity.

Landau had no higher education, but in 1826 he began his own historical studies in the Kassel city archive and library . It was here that the librarians Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and the archive director Dietrich Christoph von Rommel became aware of Landau. He was assigned the first archival work. With his first publication between 1832 and 1839, the "Hessian knight castles and their owners", he proved his scientific skills. In 1835 he was elector archivist and in 1838 archival secretary.

In 1834 Landau founded the " Association for Hessian History and Regional Studies " together with the librarians Karl Bernhardi and Heinrich Schubart . He then became the club's secretary, and in this role he promoted the club for thirty years. In 1852, Landau was one of the decisive founders of the " General Association of German History and Antiquity Associations ", in which associations from all over Germany came together. This made him known in specialist circles throughout Germany, he was an honorary member of eleven history associations. He was also significantly involved in the publications of the Association for Hessian History and Regional Studies. With his works he has become a founder of modern historical regional studies .

In 1846 Landau was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Alma Mater Philippina , the University of Marburg, and in 1854 he was appointed to the scholars' committee of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. In 1862 he received the great gold medal from King John of Saxony. In January 1864 he was finally appointed archivist and member of the management by Elector Friedrich Wilhelm I. The appointment to this office probably came so late that Landau took a politically independent and national stance (see also March Revolution ).

During one of his many exploratory and research trips, which involved building houses in Central Germany, Landau contracted a lung disease in 1864, from which he eventually died.


Many historians refer to Landau's works in their sources to this day. This is particularly true when it comes to his main areas of treatment, the Hessengau and the Oberlahngau .

In 1984 the Association for Hessian History and Regional Studies donated a Georg Landau Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of Hessian national history.

The Landaustraße on the edge of the Kassel Karlsaue and at the Kassel Art College is reminiscent of Georg Landau.

The private estate of Landau is in the Hessian State Archive in Marburg as inventory 340 of the Johann Georg Landau estate, the scientific estate as inventory M1 Landau.


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Further monographs. 120 essays, smaller contributions and mishaps appeared in the "Journal of the Association for Hessian History and Regional Studies".


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