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The Society for Pomeranian History, Archeology and Art e. V. is a history association for research into the history of Pomerania .


The society was founded in 1824 by the President of the Prussian Province of Pomerania, Johann August Sack , as a society for Pomeranian history and antiquity . It is one of the oldest German historical societies. Initially, two committees were formed, one in Stettin , which was supposed to be responsible for Old Pomerania, that is, Western Pomerania and Old Western Pomerania , and one in Greifswald for New Western Pomerania . The latter was not constituted until 1826.

In the 1860s, the Greifswald Committee, headed by Theodor Pyl , became a department that was virtually independent of the Central Association, from which the Rügisch-Pomeranian History Association emerged in 1899 .

With the events of 1945 (after the end of the Second World War, expulsion from Western Pomerania, formation of the SBZ in Western Pomerania ), the work of the company was interrupted after its activity in fact already between 1940 (last issue of the association's journal Baltic Studies ) and 1942 (last annual report of the Chairman).

The company was re-established in Hamburg in 1954. Another task was to take care of art and therefore the name was extended to Society for Pomeranian History, Antiquity and Art . This was preceded in 1952 by the founding of the Hans-Lange-Bund für Pommern , in which many of the former members of the society found themselves, including the last chairman Adolf Diestelkamp. The federal government saw itself as a working group for culture and science, but only existed for two years.

Initially limited to Hamburg, departments of the company were formed in 1955 in Berlin and 1956 in Bonn . A department in Munich was added later. But it was not until 1990 that the company was able to start operating again in Western Pomerania with the establishment of a Western Pomerania department. In 1998 it moved its headquarters from Hamburg to Greifswald.


Today the society has about 540 members (as of 2014, in 2007 there were more than 600 members). The largest department is the Vorpommern department with over 300 members (as of 2014). Further departments exist in Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg and Munich.

The Society's library is located as a deposit in the Greifswald University Library , where it is incorporated into the regular library catalog. Before that, it was set up at the Herder Institute in Marburg (Lahn) until the end of 2009 .

The older book inventory and the manuscript collection as well as the actual archive of the society were housed in the State Archives in Stettin before 1945 . Today they are partly in the Polish State Archives in Stettin, partly in the Greifswald State Archives . The documents of the Greifswald Committee or the Greifswald Department are located in the Greifswald University Archives .

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