Confession by a sixteen year old

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Original title Confession by a sixteen year old
Country of production Austria
original language German
Publishing year 1961
length 79 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Georg Tressler
script Eberhard Keindorff
Johanna Sibelius
production Otto Dürer , Vienna
music Carl de Groof
camera Sepp Reef
cut Paula Dworak

Confession of a Sixteen- Year- Old is an Austrian society melodrama from 1960, based on a novel by Robert Pilchowski . Directed by Georg Tressler play Wolfgang Preiss and Barbara Frey (title part) the main roles.


Munich at the beginning of the 1960s . The young woman Jutta Brandt absolutely wants to prevent her parents Günther and Irene Brandt from getting divorced . For this reason she seeks out her mother's urbane lover, the foreigner George Romanescu. She wants to persuade him to keep his hands off her mother. When the latter does not agree to do so, she shoots the elegant bon vivant with a revolver that her school friend Hans has given her.

But then Jutta realizes that not only her mother did everything to destroy the parental marriage. Her father also got a girlfriend a long time ago. Disillusioned and shaken at the same time, Jutta, for whom a world has collapsed, faces the police and confesses the bloody act she has committed. Only this step brings both parents back to their senses.

Production notes

Filming of Confession of a Sixteen Year Old began on September 28, 1960 and was completed in November of that year. The external shoots were made in Vienna . The premiere took place there on January 27, 1961, the German premiere took place four days later in Hanover .

Otto Dürer was in charge of overall management. The film structures were designed by Felix Smetana , the costumes by Fred Adlmüller . Kurt Junek assisted head cameraman Sepp Riff . Alfred Norkus provided the sound . Billy Sanders sings .


“The film design did not do justice to the topic - marital infidelity in its effect on children; The film does not get beyond high-end colportage. "

“What is new is that here, instead of being hooligans, it is the parents who create the cause of the conflict and one tries to correctly point out the time problems, if not to solve them; with convincing actors, sensible dialogues. "

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