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The county of Mâcon lay in the south of what is now the Bourgogne region , between the county of Charolais and the Saône . It is the core of the Mâconnais wine-growing region . The county probably already existed at the time of the Merovingians , but the first counts are not known to us until the late Carolingian period . Own counts are known from the 9th century to 1239 (sold to the Crown of France ).

Carolingian Counts

The overlaps found in the following list may be due to power struggles during the collapse of the Carolingian Empire.

House Mâcon

The Counts of Auvergne installed vice counts in Mâcon. The struggles for control of Aquitaine after the death of Acfred led to the vice counts taking over the county.

Vice Counts of Mâcon during this period were:

  • Mayeul (II.), † after 949, probably brother of Aubry I.
  • Gauthier, † after 961, his son
  • Aubry, probably his son

House of Burgundy Ivrea

  • 982–1002: Otto Wilhelm (* 958, † 1026) Count of Burgundy , son of Adalbert II of Ivrea , with king of Italy and Gerberga, a daughter of Liétald II , ∞ Ermentrude von Roucy, widow of Aubry II.
  • 1002–1004: Guido I († 1004), Count of Mâcon, his son
  • 1004–1049: Otto II. († 1049), Count of Mâcon, his son, ∞ Elisabeth von Vergy
  • 1049-1065: Gottfried († 1065), Count of Mâcon, his son, ∞ Beatrix
  • 1065-1078: Guido II. († 1109), Count of Mâcon, his son. In 1078 he went to Cluny Abbey as a monk and passed Mâcon to his cousin Wilhelm I.
  • 1078–1082: Wilhelm I († 1087), Count of Burgundy and Macon, his cousin, son of Rainald I and Adelheid of Normandy, grandson of Otto Wilhelm ∞ Etiennette de Longwy

Mâcon and Burgundy

  • 1082–1097: Rainald II. († 1097), Count of Mâcon and Burgundy, eldest son of Wilhelm I ∞ Regina von Oltingen
  • 1106–1125: Wilhelm II. († 1125), Count of Mâcon and Burgundy, his son.

Mâcon and Vienne

  • 1085–1102: Stephan I. Tollkopf (Etienne Tête Hardie ) († 1102), Count of Mâcon and Vienne , second son of Wilhelm I ∞ Beatrix of Lorraine
  • 1102-1148: Rainald III. († 1148), Count of Mâcon and Burgundy, eldest son of Stephen I. ∞ Agathe of Alsace
  • 1102–1155: Wilhelm III. († Sept. 1155), Count of Mâcon, Auxonne and Vienne , second son of Stephen I, ∞ Poncette de Traves
  • 1157–1184: Gerhard I (* 1142 † 1184), Count of Mâcon and Vienne, his son, ∞ Judith of Lorraine
  • 1184–1224: Wilhelm IV. († 1224), Count of Mâcon, Auxonne and Vienne, eldest son of Gerald I. ∞ I Poncia de Beaujeu, ∞ II Scholastika, daughter of Heinrich I, Count of Champagne .
  • 1224–1224: Gerhard II. († 1224), Count of Mâcon and Vienne, son of Wilhelm IV and Scholastica ∞ Alix Guigonne, daughter of Guigues III. by Forez
  • 1224–1239: Alix († 1260), Countess of Mâcon and Vienne, their daughter ∞ Johann von Dreux († 1239)

After the death of her husband, Alix sold Mâcon to the French crown in 1239, and Vienne in 1240 to her aunt Beatrix. According to Guillemaut , Beatrix was a sister of Alix, they also had a brother, Guillaume, Archbishop of Besançon. Beatrix married Guillaume d'Antigny in 1235 .

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