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Maximilian Knabe (2017)
Maximilian Knabe (2017)
YouTube channel ( Let's Play , Vlog )
language German
founding November 10, 2010
channels HandOfBlood
Best of HandOfBlood
Subscribers over 1,900,000
Calls over 650,000,000
Videos over 2,050
network INSTINCT3

HandOfBlood (born August 1, 1992 in Salzgitter ; real name Maximilian Knabe ) is a German web video producer , live streamer , e-sports presenter and entrepreneur . He mainly publishes Let's Play videos on his YouTube channel HandOfBlood and is one of the best-known German representatives of this genre. HandofBlood lives in Berlin-Spandau . His nickname is Hänno .


The boy has three older siblings, his parents live separately. He attended a Waldorf school in Braunschweig , which he graduated from high school. During this time he also learned eurythmy and piano playing, and he has also mastered the clarinet.

Knabe lived in Braunschweig until 2014 , where he attended the Technical University of Braunschweig and studied business informatics. Among other reasons, he broke off his studies for reasons of time. Because of his YouTube activities and a job at McDonald’s , where he earned his living, he didn't have the time to study. Later he aspired to training as a businessman for marketing communication at his network Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH , which he also broke off due to lack of time in order to concentrate fully on his YouTube channel.

Internet presence

The main channel HandOfBlood has existed since 2010 . The name is derived from the song of the same name by the band Bullet for My Valentine . Knabe has been an avowed metal fan since he was 12 years old . On October 24, 2013, he joined the TGN network. Until July 2016, his channel consisted of the usual Let's Play videos as well as the LOL Facts format . In January 2016, Knabe stated in a video that he wanted to realign his channel. The number of uploads would decrease noticeably, but the quality of the individual videos would increase. Today his videos are mainly characterized by effects, Easter eggs , running gags and various costumes.

Knabe moderates German e-sports for b2b & b2c and is a member of the e-sports teams Spandauer Inferno and Battleground Allstars (BAAL).

Knabe took part in the program Last Man Standing 3 , which took place live at Gamescom 2015 . He was part of a team of young, aspiring YouTubers who had to compete against YouTubers from the previous Last Man Standing issues like Sarazar or SgtRumpel in several competitions. The show was moderated by Fabian Siegismund and David Hain . A change to the previous show was the inclusion of a studio audience. The live stream was broadcast on MyVideo.de. A few months later, Knabe recorded a total of 12 videos for the computer game League of Legends with SgtRumpel (Manuel Schmitt) .

In 2016 he won the Germany Web Video Prize in the gaming category . A year later he was nominated again for the award together with David Hain, due to many criticisms both of them called not to vote for them.

In 2017 Knabe took part in the music video of the German metalcore / trancecore band Eskimo Callboy for the song MC Thunder . He is an avowed fan and friend of the music group.

In 2018 he founded INSTINCT3 , an influencer agency, together with Henning Semrau and Hendrik Ruhe (who acts as managing directors) . Before that, they jointly founded the Internet portal Summoners Inn , which takes up the topic of the League of Legends computer game . Because of INSTINCT3 he therefore left Freaks 4U Gaming , with whom, according to Knabe, there is still good contact. Knabe also publishes videos on his YouTube channel in which he presents facts about the League of Legends game . He also hosts League of Legends esports games at Summoners Inn .

A merchandising deal has been in place with Bravado , a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group , since 2019. Merchandising items from HandOfBlood can be obtained from the provider.

At the Fortnite World Cup 2019 , an international esports competition for the game Fortnite , Knabe and his team won $ 250,000 in prize money. He donated his share ($ 62,500) completely to the Berlin animal shelter . Knabe also adopted a mixed breed puppy from the home.


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