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Jason Molina
Songs: Ohia
Magnolia Electric Co.
Magnolia Electric Co. performing in Stockholm (July 7, 2005)
Magnolia Electric Co. performing in Stockholm (July 7, 2005)
General information
Genre (s) Indie rock , folk , lo-fi
founding 1993
Website magnoliaelectricco.com
Founding members
Jason Molina
Current occupation
Jason Groth , Michael Kapinus , Mark Rice , Pete Schreiner

Jason Andrew Molina (* 16th December 1973 in Lorain , Ohio ; † 16th March 2013 in Indianapolis , Indiana ) was an American musician who primarily for his projects Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. became known. He lived in Chicago until his death . His music, mostly ballads with emotional lyrics, is characterized by hard rock and country influences and is assigned to the independent genre .


Molina began his musical career as a bassist for various heavy metal bands, but found his artistic calling early on in writing and singing his own lyrics. In 1993 he founded the band Songs: Ohia . He was the songwriter and head of the band and took on various musicians for the recordings, which were recorded under the simplest conditions in lo-fi quality.

The debut album Songs: Ohia was released in 1997 on the US label Palace by the musician Will Oldham . It was later released as the black album on Secretly Canadian of Bloomington, Indiana , where most of the other albums have been released. The works Impala , The Lioness and Didn't It Rain , which were created in cooperation with some musician friends, are generally described as outstanding .

Since 2003 Molina played and sang in the band Magnolia Electric Co. , which presented their third album What Comes After The Blues in 2004 . Molina saw an artistic change above all in the fact that with the new band he had the opportunity to record in a real studio and not, as before, in rooms unsuitable for professional productions. Before that, however, he had worked with musician and producer Steve Albini . In 2004 Molina's solo album Pyramid Electric Co.

In 2011 it was announced on the band's website that Jason Molina had to retire from the music business for the time being due to a serious, unspecified illness. In addition, the expensive medical treatment tore the musician who was not insured into debt. For this reason, his family set up the "Jason Molina Medical Fund" with the support of the Secretly Canadian label . Fans could donate money and in return received a compilation of songs by the musician.

In May 2012, Molina posted a blog post on the band's website announcing that he was getting better and working on new music. In September of the same year, the mini-album Autumn Bird Songs was released , which, however, was already recorded before Molina's withdrawal from the public. It is a joint project with the artist William Schaff and was, along with his book From Black Sheep Boys To Bill Collectors - The music-related artwork of William Schaff after a successful Kickstarter.com - crowdfunding published campaign to cover production costs.

On March 16, 2013, Molina died of organ failure as a result of alcohol abuse . Since this early deceased musician is important for the alternative country genre , as well as an example of the precarious situation of many freelance US musicians (no artists' welfare fund), the FAZ has published a detailed obituary.

In January 2018 the singer-songwriters Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee released a duo to pay homage to the prematurely deceased. The proceeds from the digital single with Farewell Transmission and The Dark Don't Hide It , two cover versions of his songs, went to the donation-based US music aid organization Musicares .


Often compared to Neil Young or Will Oldham , his music is usually carried by guitar chords and accented with drums and bass accents that are discreet to minimalist. It lives above all from Molina's melancholy voice, whose sometimes depressive, poetic texts often deal with human relationships, feelings and memories.


Unless otherwise stated, published by Secretly Canadian .

Songs: Ohia

  • 1997 Hecla & Griper
  • 1997 Our Golden Ratio (Acuarela Discos)
  • 2001 Travels In Constants (Vol. 14) (Temporary Residence Limited)
  • 1995 Nor Cease Thou Never Now (7 ″ on Palace Records)
  • 1996 One Pronunciation Of Glory (7 ″)
  • 1999 Untitled (7 ″ on Western Vinyl)
  • 2001 Howler (7 ″ Limited Edition at Absalom Recordings)
  • 2002 United Or Lost Alone / Keep It Steady (7 ″)
  • 2004 No Moon on the Water / In the Human World (7 ″)

Magnolia Electric Co.

  • 2005 Trials & Errors
  • 2005 What Comes After The Blues
  • 2006 fading trails
  • 2007 Sojourner (4 × CD + DVD)
  • 2009 Josephine
  • 2009 It's Made Me Cry (7 ″ Limited Edition)
  • 2009 rider. Shadow. Wolf. (7 ″ Limited Edition)
  • 2005 Hard To Love A Man

Jason Molina

  • 2004 Pyramid Electric Co
  • 2006 Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go
  • 2012 Autumn Bird Songs (10 ″ on Graveface Records; together with the book From Black Sheep Boys To Bill Collectors - The music-related artwork of William Schaff )
  • 2004 No Moon On The Water (7 ″ Limited Edition by Chunklet Magazine)


  • 2009 Molina & Johnson
  • 1998 Nay, Tis Not Death with Appendix Out (7 ″, Liquefaction Empire, Bad Jazz)
  • 1999 Fat Bobby's Black Thumb / Journey On with Oneida (7 ″, Jagjaguwar )
  • 1999 How to Be Perfect Men with Rex (7 ″, Temporary Residence Limited)
  • 2000 Fade Street / A Caution To The Birds with Glen Hansard (7 ″ Limited Edition, Road Relish)
  • 2000 Molina & Roberts with Alasdair Roberts (7 ″)
  • 2001 Lioness / Miss My Lion with Scout Niblett (7 ″)

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