Jim Bergerac is investigating

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Television series
German title Jim Bergerac is investigating
Original title Bergerac
Country of production United Kingdom ,
original language English
Year (s) 1981-1991
length 45 minutes
Episodes 87 in 9 seasons
genre Crime , drama
First broadcast October 18, 1981 on BBC One
first broadcast
March 22, 1985 on DDR1

Jim Bergerac determined (original title: Bergerac ) is a crime series produced by the BBC from 1981 to 1991 and first broadcast in the UK in 1981 . The German first broadcast took place in 1985 on GDR television and 1986 on RTL , there under the original title. It was last broadcast on VOX in 1995 .

The British Channel Island of Jersey is the setting for the action and was also the filming location. The main role of the police officer Jim Bergerac was played by John Nettles .


Jim Bergerac is investigating Jersey

Bergerac is a police officer with the rank of detective sergeant, who with his partner Chief Inspector Crozier in the foreign office of Jersey works. Since the island, due to its political status (tax and tariff advantages), attracts criminals as well as tourists, his investigations relate, for example, to dubious business, insurance fraud, drug trafficking or kidnappings in which foreigners are involved. On a professional level he has a good reputation and is known as the “Jersey Sniffer Dog”.

However, he has personal problems to cope with, especially with alcohol . Although he has many girlfriends with whose help he also solves cases, he lives separately from his wife Deborah and their daughter Kim. Deborah's father, Charlie Hungerford, a millionaire and mysterious businessman, often appears to be involved in some way in his cases.


Creator of the television series is Robert Banks Stewart , who is responsible is characterized as a writer for 24 episodes and until 1983 also worked as a producer on the series. Numerous other authors and several producers worked on the remaining episodes. A large number of directors were also involved.


actor Role name Voice actor
main actor
John Nettles Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac Michael Telloke
Terence Alexander Charlie Hungerford Günter Wolf (1st voice)
Wolfgang Lohse (2nd voice)
Sean Arnold Chief Inspector Barney Crozier Eckhard Bilz
Cecile Paoli Francine
Deborah Grant Deborah Bergerac Ursula Genhorn (1st voice)
Jessy Rameik (2nd voice)
Tony Melody Chief Wilfried Ortmann
Mela White Diamante Lil
Annette Badland Charlotte
Lindsay Heath Kim Bergerac
Kevin Stoney Horatio Nelson Erhard Köster
Geoffrey Leesley Terry Wilson Peter Zintner
Jonathan Adams Dr. Lejeune Franz Viehmann
Celia Imrie Marianne Bellshade Karin Reif (1st voice)
Silke Matthias (2nd voice)
Lee Montague Dupont
Liza Goddard Philippa Vale Angelika Waller
Louise Jameson Susan Young Friederike Aust
Nancy Mansfield Peggy Masters Gertraud Klawitter
Jolyon Baker Barry Goddard Peter Reinhardt
John Telfer Willy Pettit
David Kershaw Ben Lomas
Sue Lloyd Eva Southurst Renate Rennhack
Jack Watling Frank Blakemore Achim Petry
Thérèse Liotard Danielle Aubry Heidrun Bartholomäus
Michael Mellinger Albert Leufroid Detlev Witte
Roger Sloman Deffand

Other actors (including Norman Wisdom ) had guest appearances on the series.


So far, seasons 1 to 8 have been published in German without the Christmas specials. There is no German version of the 9th season. All 9 seasons with the Christmas specials are available in English.

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