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José Antonio de la Loma Hernández (born March 4, 1924 in Barcelona , † April 6, 2004 ibid) was a Spanish screenwriter , director , film producer and writer .


During his college days, the son of an officer developed an interest in screenwriting. From 1945 to 1951 he earned his living as a teacher in one of the poorest districts of Barcelona. This experience led to his novel Sin la sonrisa de Dios , which was filmed in 1954 under the direction of Julio Salvador .

With this publication he was able to gain a foothold as a screenwriter for Ignacio F. Iquino and his company Laurus Films ; his first direct script to be filmed was La hija del mar (director: Àngel Guimerà ). He wrote books with realistic aspirations, but also a lot of genre goods; so over a dozen spaghetti westerns , from 1963 to 1965 for the productions of Alfonso Balcázar .

In 1960 he had already founded his own production company PC Java ; Films Zodiaco (1971) and Golden Sun (1987) followed later . He is also listed as a director for 36 films.

In the 1970s and 1980s he was one of the representatives of the " Cine quinqui ", films with a socially critical touch in the milieu of (often immigrant) young people in the poorer areas of Spanish cities.

Filmography (selection)


  • 1959: Those who drink from the cup of love (Un mundo para mí)
  • 1961: Escape from the scaffold (Fuga desesperada)
  • 1965: Now the pistols speak (Perché uccidi ancora?)
  • 1966: Dinamita Jim
  • 1967: Fire on Frankie
  • 1968: Carrera - The secret of the blonde cat (El magnifico Tony Carrera)
  • 1970: War Time - attack at dawn (Golpe de mano)
  • 1971: The sharks of Barcelona (La redada)
  • 1972: El más fabuloso golpe del Far West
  • 1979: Street Warriors II (Perros callejeros II)
  • 1982: Target - violence against violence (Target Eagle)
  • 1984: The Killer Machine (Goma-2)
  • 1989: Man of Passion (Pasión de hombre)
  • 1991: Deadly Deception (Lolita al desnudo)



  • 1949: Sin la sonrisa de dios
  • Estación de servicio
  • El undécimo mandamiento
  • Perros callejeros

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