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Wing adjutant SM of the emperor
Ordonnanzoffizier (2nd from left) HRH of Archduke Leopold Salvator (right)

Various groups of adjutants existed in the Austro-Hungarian Army , which were divided as follows:


The adjutants general (only generals ) and the wing adjutants (only staff officers ) were used to service SM the emperor . The Reich Minister of War also had two wing adjutants (a major and a captain or Rittmeister ). Furthermore, every field marshal , every general troop inspector and the archduke heir to the throne could have a wing adjutant in the staff rank. The chief of the general staff and the corps commanders were each assigned a senior officer as staff adjutant. The first adjutant general of the emperor had a captain or lieutenant as orderly officer, as did the archdukes insofar as they were in active military service.

“The adjutants general ( generals only ) and the wing adjutants ( staff officers only ) were used to service SM the Kaiser . Traditionally, the wing adjudicators performed their service as a rotating service. From the various branches of service of the imperial army, hardworking military men were selected and given to the emperor for election. During their two- to three-year service, the adjutants were always assigned to the emperor, were his constant companions, regulated and supervised the daily program and the audiences, and were responsible for the personal filing between the war ministry and the emperor. The service with Emperor Franz Joseph began for the wing adjutants at three o'clock in the morning in full gear because the emperor got up very early. After the imperial breakfast the adjutant reported to the emperor and presented current reports and the daily program. The service at the emperor was considered very exhausting, responsible and honorable. The first adjutant general to Emperor Franz Joseph was Count Eduard Paar for many years. "


Adjustment of the adjutants general

The adjutants general wore a cap with a bush of green vulture feathers, like that of the general in German uniform. The same applied to the field cap. The skirt and blouse were made of dark green cloth, equipped with a golden, black-heathered armpit loop. On the left armpit there was a small button that fixed the bandage . With scarlet equalizing color , the skirt had two rows of yellow buttons in general design. The pantaloons for the gala consisted of dark green cloth and had gold braids. The pantaloons, on the other hand, were blue-gray and had two scarlet lampasses (strips of fabric) attached to the seams of the trousers. The rest of the equipment and adjustments were the same as those of the infantry officers.

Adjustment of the wing adjutants

Adalbert Spányik von Dömeháza in the uniform of the emperor's wing adjutant

Headgear, skirt and blouse were the same as those of the adjutants general. The emperor's wing adjutants had white buttons in the general dress, all other wing adjutants had yellow buttons. The cloak and pantaloons were made of blue-gray cloth and fitted with scarlet parolis and passepoils . Everything else about the uniform and armament was modeled on the infantry officers.

Staff adjutants and orderly officers

These continued to wear the uniform of their unit, in addition to the armband as a sign of their position. The armband was worn in full width from the right shoulder to the left hip by all officers concerned .


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