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Karim is a male name . The feminine form is Karima. The first name comes from the Arab world. In recent years the name has also come into vogue in the countries of southern Europe , especially in Italy and Spain , as well as in Latin America . Here the originally male form is also used more often as a female first name, for example Karim Bernal , Miss Peru Universe in 1998.

Origin and meaning of the name

The name comes from Arabic ( Arabic کریم, DMG Karīm ) and means something like generous , hospitable , noble or distinguished . Al-Karim is one of the 99 names of Allah in Islam. In Islam, the Koran and Ramadan have the suffix "al-Karim" ( al-Qur'an al-Karim , Ramadan al-Karim ).


  • Kareem , Karem, Karime, Kerim , Kariem, Kerem, Abdel-Karim, Abd el-Karim, Karim Sallam, Karīm (with the macron accent on the i, since the Arabic vowel ي is circumscribed with an ī)

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