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Karl Küttel (* 1818 in Kőszeg , Austrian Empire ; † May 14, 1875 in Temesvár , Kingdom of Hungary , Austria-Hungary ) was mayor of the city of Timișoara, now part of Romania , from 1859 to 1861 and from 1867 to 1872 . As a result of the Magyarization , his name was often spelled Károly Küttl .


Karl Küttel's ancestors came from England , from where they had to flee during the Hundred Years' War and settled in Baden . In 1689 they moved to Hungary.

Karl Küttel was born in Kőszeg, Hungary, in 1818, the eldest son of a family of pharmacists. He studied in Pest law and settled in 1840 after completing his studies in Timisoara, where he initially a job as a lawyer held. He then worked at the local court and in 1848 became a senator in Timisoara.

He was a founding member of the first Temeswar bank company and until 1855 a member of its supervisory board.


In 1859 he was elected mayor of Timisoara. After Josef Weigl held the office from 1861 to 1867, he was re-elected in 1867. During his two terms in office, the city was demilitarized. He drove the road construction both within the fortress walls and in the suburbs.

In his time the following took place:

Honor and appreciation

  • On October 27, 2006, a trilingual memorial plaque in German, Romanian and Hungarian was unveiled on the Pia Tema Alexandru Mocioni in the presence of the Mayor of Timisoara, Gheorghe Ciuhandu . On the initiative of his great-grandson István Küttel, who lives in Germany, this was attached to the facade of the Bulevardul Tinereții building number 1. Already at the turn of the century, the Joefstädter half of today's Piața Alexandru Mocioni was renamed Küttl-tér in honor of the former mayor. After Timișoara fell to Romania in 1919, the square lost its name again, but the colloquial term Küttel-Platz is still in use among the German population.
  • On August 3, 2009 the ceremonial unveiling of his bust took place on the avenue of personalities in the Central Park ( Parcul Central in Romanian ).
  • In the Nikolaus Lenau Lyceum there is a memorial plaque to honor his work.

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  • Festschrift: Aleea Personalităților , Ed. Primăria Municipiului Timișoara, 2009
  • Temesi Lapok , May 16-19, 1875

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