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Klemens Honselmann (born November 1, 1900 in Paderborn ; † December 18, 1991 there ) was a German librarian and church historian .

Grave site of the Honselmann family in the east cemetery in Paderborn


Klemens Honselmann was the son of Franz Honselmann , authorized signatory at Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh , and Pauline Honselmann nee. Rathscheck. The older brother Joseph died in the 1918 Battle of the Marne , and he also had a sister. After elementary school he attended the traditional grammar school Theodorianum , after the junior high school he was drafted as a soldier for half a year in 1918, after the end of the war he was able to catch up with the Abitur in June 1919. From autumn 1919 he studied theology in Paderborn at the Philosophical-Theological Academy , and in 1923 in Freiburg im Breisgau . In 1924 he entered the Paderborn seminary, and on March 28, 1925, he was ordained a priest by Bishop Caspar Klein . From 1929 he was vicar at the Bonifatiuskirche in Dortmund, in the same year he became vicar in Zörbig (today the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld). In 1933 he was given leave of absence to study, but also worked as a temporary worker at the Busdorf Church in Paderborn. In January 1934 he became a cooperator in Eickelborn (now the city of Lippstadt), in March 1934 he was vicar at the Busdorf Church. After further studies he was born in Freiburg i. Br. To Dr. theol. PhD. His doctoral thesis, printed under the title Von der Carta zur Siegelkunde , was fundamental to the history of the documents of the Diocese of Paderborn. In 1939 and 1940 he completed a library training at the University Library of Münster and at the Prussian State Library . From December 1940 to September 1941 he was again vicar in Eickelborn, then until August 1942 for study purposes in the German seminary ( Campo Santo Teutonico ) in Rome.

On September 1, 1942, he became prefect of the theological convict Collegium Leonium in Paderborn , whose reconstruction after the destruction in World War II was essentially his work. From 1946 he was also a lecturer in church history at the Paderborn Academy . After his habilitation in 1951, he was a full public professor at the Academy from 1952 to 1968 and taught church history, diocesan history and patrology. His research focus was the Westphalian church history.

At the same time as his appointment as prefect, Honselmann became a librarian at the Archbishop's Academic Library , of which he was director from 1948 to 1977. In 1947 Honselmann was one of the initiators of the Working Group of Catholic Theological Libraries , he was in charge of the newsletter from 1952/53 to 1958, until 1978 he was also treasurer of the working group, and since 1975 an honorary member.

Honselmann joined the Association for History and Archeology of Westphalia, Dept. Paderborn, at an early stage, and in 1924 he published the first article in the association's magazine, the Westfälische Zeitschrift . From 1946 to 1983 he was the association's librarian and archivist (and thus also a member of the association's board of directors), from 1955 to 1975 he was association director, then honorary chairman. For many years he was editor of the Westphalian magazine and the magazine Westfalen , in both works he published numerous of his articles.

Honselmann was appointed to the Historical Commission for Westphalia in 1946 (honorary member from 1982), and in 1960 to the Antiquities Commission for Westphalia . In 1966 Honselmann was appointed by Pope Paul VI. Appointed papal honorary prelate , in 1976 he received the Federal Cross of Merit, First Class. In 1985 he received the Culture Prize from the city of Paderborn as a thank you for his longstanding participation in the Culture Committee.

A detailed list of his works was published in 1970 in volume 48 of the magazine Westfalen , Hefte für Geschichte, Kunst und Volkskunde. Supplements appeared in 1990 in volume 80 of the journal Theologie und Glaube , last supplements in 1992 in the bulletin of the Working Group of Catholic Theological Libraries ( volume 39). In 2005 Hubertus Drobner published a comprehensive list of his writings in the Biographical-Bibliographical Church Lexicon . Honselmann has been part of the CV since his student days.



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As editor

  • Wilhelm Tack: Paderborn . The old City; a selection of art and cultural history publications. From the estate, ed. by Klemens Honselmann, Paderborn: Selbstverl. of the Antiquities Association 1969.
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  • Franz Honselmann : Sauerland family archive. Communications on the history of Westphalian families, 11 vols. Paderborn 1904–1920, total print with register Paderborn 1931. Reprint expanded to include a picture of life Paderborn 1983, ed. by Klemens Honselmann.


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