Lipbach (Lake Constance)

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At the mouth of the Lipbach

At the mouth of the Lipbach

Water code DE : 215594
location Baden-Württemberg
River system Rhine
Drain over Rhine  → North Sea
origin Confluence of Espengraben (right) and Ochsenbach (left) near Markdorf am Stüblehof
47 ° 42 ′ 31 ″  N , 9 ° 22 ′ 56 ″  E
Source height approx.  422  m above sea level NN
muzzle at Immenstaad in Lake Constance Coordinates: 47 ° 40 '4 "  N , 9 ° 23' 34"  E 47 ° 40 '4 "  N , 9 ° 23' 34"  E
Mouth height approx.  395  m above sea level NN
Height difference approx. 27 m
Bottom slope approx. 3.7 ‰
length 7.2 km   from the confluence
11.7 km  from the origin of the longer upper course Espengraben .
Catchment area 21.308 km²
Medium-sized cities Friedrichshafen
Small towns Markdorf
Communities Immenstaad on Lake Constance

The Lipbach is a 7¼ km long stream , together with its more important right upper reaches Eschenbach, 11¾ km long, which flows into Lake Constance from the north near Immenstaad in the Lake Constance district in Baden-Württemberg .



The Lipbach is created 1½ kilometers south-southwest of the Markdorf town center at the Stüblehof through the confluence of the 4.5 km long right Espengraben and the only 0.7 km long left Ochsenbach . After a good kilometer east, it flows steadily in a southerly direction towards Lake Constance. It first passes east of the Friedrichshafen district of Lipbach , crosses the L 207 between Höge and Ziegelei , between the Friedrichshafen district of Fischbach and Immenstaad on Lake Constance - here it was formerly the border between Württemberg and Baden - and then the B 31 and joins a commercial zone from Immenstaad in the west and the Grenzhof belonging to the city of Friedrichshafen in the east to Lake Constance.

Catchment area

The Lipbach drains 21⅓ km² south to Lake Constance. Its catchment area extends from Gehrenberg in the north, where the highest point on the watershed is around 705  m above sea level. NN reaches, as an approximate, about 8 km long and in the area of ​​the source rivers in the north not quite 3½ km wide rectangle to the south to the mouth at the lake.

In the southwest, beyond the barely noticeable watershed, the smaller Kniebach runs in the same direction. From northwest to north to northwest lies the catchment area of ​​the significantly larger Linzer Aach , on a short section of this section beyond the Gehrenberg, where the watershed is strongly pronounced, more specifically that of the Deggenhauser Aach flowing into it . The Brunnisach also arises at this elevation , about as long as the Lipbach and its larger upper course together, which then competes roughly parallel in the east from here to the lake in the south, mostly across a barely noticeable watershed. It runs between half a kilometer and two kilometers from the Lipbach-Laufs, which is why the Lipbach hardly receives any inflow from this side and its catchment area is heavily to the right from the river's origin.


Unless otherwise noted, water lengths according to data record entries on the LUBW-FG10 (length and stationing fields), catchment areas according to LUBW-GEZG, lake areas according to LUBW-SG10, heights estimated according to the contour image of the background map of the geodata viewer.
  • Right source stream Espengraben , 4.497 km.
  • Left source brook Ochsenbach , 0.736 km.

Confluence for Lipbach on Markdorfer Stüblehof to about 422  m above sea level. NN

  • Source ditch , from the left at the south bend of the brook south-south-west of the Markdorf at 421.1  m above sea level. NN , 1.171 km.
  • Zollbach , from the right between Lipbach and Kluftern at less than 420  m above sea level. NN , 3.699 km and 4.023 km².
  • Inflow from the Baindter , from the right near a brick factory at the Lipbachsenke to less than 400  m above sea level. NN , 2.007 km. In the mouth wedge there are many former clay pits in the nature reserve, which are now lakes and together cover an area of ​​over 4 hectares.
  • Inflow from the southern Klötzenen , from the right half a kilometer north of the sewage treatment plant on the B 31 at less than 398  m above sea level. NN , 1.356 km.

The mouth of the Lipbach lies between an industrial zone of Immenstaad in the west and the Grenzhof in the east, which still belongs to the city of Friedrichshafen, at around 395  m above sea level. NN in Lake Constance, 7,201 km and 21.308 km².

Places on the run

only settlements with the deepest indentation lie on the water
  • Markdorf municipality
    • Markdorf district
      • Stüblehof (courtyard, right)
  • City of Friedrichshafen
    • Kluftern district
      • Lipbach (hamlet, mostly on the right)
      • Kreuzäcker (settlement, right)
      • Kluftern (village, left)
      • Ziegelacker (courtyard, left in distance)
  • Municipality of Immenstaad on Lake Constance (from here right neighbor)
    • Core town Immenstaad
      • Commercial zone at the brickworks (far right)
      • Commercial zone at the sewage treatment plant (right)
  • City of Friedrichshafen (here left neighbor)
    • Friedrichshafen district
      • Grenzhof (hamlet, left)


Most of the catchment area covered quaternary Würm - moraine sediment. In the north on the Gehrenberg lies the Upper Freshwater Molasse from the Tertiary . The Lipbach passes in this glacially formed landscape the small glacial valley of Fischbacher sink . In the clay pits of the former brickworks on the Lipbach Valley, Worm Ice Age ribbon clays were mined.

Protected areas

On its course, the Lipbach crosses the 40.7 hectare nature reserve " Lipbachsenke " in front of the inlet of the Zollbach , in which the above-mentioned clay pit lakes are located, to which the 43.8 hectare protected landscape area of the same name connects to the west and east . It is a landscape of riparian and alluvial forest-like woods, broken up by extensively used meadows and with parts of commercial forest.

At the mouth of the stream in Lake Constance, the " Lipbach estuary " nature reserve was designated in 1982 .

Individual evidence

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  2. a b above sea level of Lake Constance, drawn in blue between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorb on the background map of the geodata viewer.
  3. According to the stationing information in the Ochsenbach data set from LUBW-FG10.
  4. According to the length information in the Lipbach data set and the stationing information in the Ochsenbach data set from LUBW-FG10.
  5. Sum of the sub-catchment areas according to LUBW-GEZG (data record entries).
  6. Height indication in black at the mouth on the background map of the geodata viewer.
  7. According to LGRB-GÜK300.
  8. a b Appreciation of the Lipbachsenke nature reserve at the State Institute for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg (LUBW).


  • "TK50": Topographic map 1: 50,000 Baden-Württemberg, sheet L 8322 Friedrichshafen

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