List of members of the Liechtenstein Parliament (1914)

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This list shows the members of the Landtag of the Principality of Liechtenstein that emerged from the Landtag elections on September 30, 1914. The electors elected by the people between September 9 and 14, 1914 met for the last time to elect the Landtag. The next state election in 1918 was the first time that elections were made directly without electors. Seven MPs were elected in the Oberland constituency, five were elected in the Unterland constituency. In addition, three deputies were appointed by Prince Johann II on October 20, 1914 .

In order to be elected to the state parliament, an absolute majority of all electors present was required in the first two ballots. If not enough members could be elected by then, a relative majority was sufficient in the third ballot.

Number of electors

According to the Liechtenstein constitution, the state parliament was not elected directly, but by means of electors. Between September 9 and 14, 1914, the elections took place in the school buildings of all parishes. The number of electors that a municipality provided was based on the number of inhabitants of the municipality. For every 100 inhabitants it provided two electors, whereby the number of inhabitants was rounded to a full 100. The eleven municipalities provided the following electors for the 1914 state elections:

local community electors
Balzers 30th
Ash trees 20th
Gamprin 8th
Moors 24
Planks 2
Ruggell 14th
Schaan 26th
Schellenberg 10
Triesen 26th
Triesenberg 28
Vaduz 28
total 216

List of members

The electors of the Oberland constituency met on September 30, 1914 in the Niggschen Gasthaus in Vaduz, today the Hotel Schlössle, to carry out the election of the MPs. The electors from Unterland, on the other hand, met two days later, on October 2, 1914 in the school building in Mauren. Since 1877 it has been the rule that the election should start at the announced time, even if not all electors were present. Therefore, of the 140 electors elected from the Oberland constituency, only 137 were present, and all but one of the 76 Unterland electors were present.

Surname Constituency Remarks
Emil Batliner Unterland First ballot
Franz Josef Beck Oberland Second ballot; retired in 1917 for health reasons, Josef Gassner moved up
Wilhelm Beck Oberland First ballot
Josef Brunhart Oberland First ballot; died in December 1914, Wendelin Kindle took over
Alfons Feger appointment
Josef Gassner Oberland Gassner moved up in 1917 for Franz Josef Beck
Johann Hasler Unterland Third ballot
Franz Josef Hoop Unterland Third ballot
Lorenz child appointment
Wendelin Kindle Oberland Kindle followed in December 1914 for Josef Brunhart
Franz Josef Marxer Unterland First ballot
Meinrad Ospelt appointment
Egon Rheinberger Oberland First ballot
Albert Schädler Oberland First ballot
Josef Sprenger Oberland Second ballot
Johann Wohlwend Unterland First ballot
Albert Wolfinger Oberland First ballot

List of deputies

After the deputies, their deputies were elected. An absolute majority was also required in the first two ballots and a relative majority in the third ballot.

Surname Constituency Remarks
Heinrich Brunhart Oberland Third ballot
Peter Büchel Unterland First ballot
Josef Gassner Oberland Third ballot; Gassner moved up in 1917 for Franz Josef Beck
Josef Hasler Unterland First ballot
Josef Hilti Oberland First ballot
Wendelin Kindle Oberland Third ballot; Kindle followed in December 1914 for Josef Brunhart
Adolf Real Oberland First ballot

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