Mähringen (Ulm)

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City of Ulm
Coat of arms of Mähringen
Coordinates: 48 ° 26 ′ 10 ″  N , 9 ° 56 ′ 26 ″  E
Height : 532  (520-600)  m
Area : 7.95 km²
Residents : 1314  (December 31, 2015)
Population density : 165 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : February 1, 1972
Postal code : 89081
Area code : 0731
Location of Mähringen in Ulm
Moravia from the south-east

Mähringen is a district of Ulm in the northwest of the city. Ulm itself is located in the east of Baden-Württemberg on the Danube .


Neighboring communities

In the north, Mähringen borders on Dornstadt and its district of Bollingen , in the east on the Ulm district of Lehr , in the west and southwest on Blaustein and in the south you can see Ulm University with its Science Park on Eselsberg in the south .


Mähringen was first mentioned in a document in 1272 as "Moringen". Before the High Middle Ages, Reichenau Monastery held the rulership rights. Up until the late Middle Ages, the settlement was ruled by various local noble families. After the Reichenau monastery had sold the rulership rights to the imperial city of Ulm in 1446, the city exercised suzerainty and jurisdiction. Mähringen later became part of the Bermaringen district . On February 1, 1972, Mähringen was incorporated into a district of Ulm .

Population development

year Residents
1632 100
1796 175
1821 212
1846 264
1875 299
1933 332
1939 326
year Residents
1950 499
1961 643
1970 726
1972 643
1988 1014
2005 1100
2007 1149
2015 1314


Local council

Local council election 2009
Turnout: 63.0%
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
a 5 seats
b 3 seats
c 2 seats

Like all districts that were incorporated from 1971, Mähringen also has a local council . Mähringen and Lehr have a joint full-time mayor. The committee has an advisory function in the city council on matters relating to the district. However, final decisions are made by the city council of Ulm as a whole.

coat of arms

The former coat of arms shows six golden ears of barley in green on a golden three-mountain.


  • Gesangverein Mähringen: The Gesangverein Mähringen eV was founded in 1919 as a male choir and has been a mixed choir since 1930. In 1978 the children's choir was added. However, this was dissolved again in 2001. Only since 2013 has there been a new children's choir, which continues to run under the name "Chorällchen" (based on the choral group, which merged with the mixed choir in the early 2000s). There is also a youth choir called "A-Team" (name comes from the founding members because all members had the letter "A" in their name), which emerged in 2014 from the children's choir "Chorällchen".
  • Trombone Choir "Ulmer Alb": The trombone choir was founded in 1978 for the Protestant parish of Mähringen, Lehr, Bollingen
  • Swabian Alb Association Mähringen local group: The Mähringen local group in the Swabian Alb Association was founded in 1954 and today has around 125 members. The association has set itself the task of protecting plants, animals and the landscape.
  • Sports club Mähringen: The sports club Mähringen eV was founded in 1975 and today has around 550 members. The departments of the sports club are: football, table tennis, women's and children's gymnastics, popular sports and tennis.

Volunteer firefighter

The voluntary fire brigade in Mähringen is the seventh division of the Ulm fire brigade . In Mähringen there is a youth fire brigade with 14 members, an operations department with a strength of 25 men and women and an age department. In the fire station of the department two emergency vehicles are stationed. A Löschgruppenfahrzeug and a crew transport vehicle .

Culture and sights

Local museum

The local museum in Mähringen was opened in 1978 by the Swabian Alb Association. In the museum you can see agricultural tools, furniture and other devices that “our grandparents and great-grandparents used”.

The church in Mähringen

Ev. Parish Church of St. Mary, Peter and Paul

The Protestant parish church of St. Maria Peter and Paul

  • A chapel was first mentioned in 1356
  • In 1497 the church was rebuilt
  • 1631, the church burned in the Thirty Years' War from
  • In 1638 the reconstruction of the church was completed

Regular events

  • Bonfire of the Swabian Alb Association and the Mähringen volunteer fire brigade
  • Maypole of the Mähringen volunteer fire brigade
  • Father's day shock of the Mähringen volunteer fire brigade
  • Garden and children's festival of the Mähringer choir
  • Summer festival of the Mähringer sports club
  • Christmas tree singing by the Mähringer choir
  • The "Serenade" of the Mähringer Choral Society
  • Children's musical by the children's choir Chorällchen

Natural monuments and geotopes

  • Abandoned quarry Steigäcker-Blattegert, Jura geological age, geotope ID ND8421002
  • Abandoned quarry Eichhalde, geological age Jura, geotope ID 8421001


  • Wolfgang Hinz: The Ulmer Alb - origin and development with local histories of teaching and Mähringen
  • Alfred Knödler: Mähringen - A village on the Ulmer Alb

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