Naval Music Corps North Sea

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Naval Music Corps North Sea

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internal association badge
active July 1, 1956 to March 31, 2014
Country Flag of Germany.svg Germany
Armed forces armed forces
Armed forces Force Base Force Base
Branch of service Military music service
Strength ~ 50
Insinuation ZMilMusBw Wappen.png Military Music Center of the Bundeswehr
Location Wilhelmshaven
Last boss Frigate Captain Lutz Bammler

The North Sea Marine Music Corps was a military music corps of the Bundeswehr . It was part of the military music service of the Bundeswehr and existed in Wilhelmshaven from 1956 to 2014 .


The North Sea Marine Music Corps performed mainly to provide musical accompaniment to military ceremonies in Lower Saxony and also at other national and international events with an official background. This included appearances on radio and television as well as at military music festivals. In particular, it fell to him to say goodbye to warships that go on long voyages from Wilhelmshaven. The solidarity with the Wilhelmshaven location was also evident in the fact that the North Sea Marine Music Corps traditionally opened the first concert of the city of Wilhelmshaven 's spa concert season on Mother's Day in the spa gardens for many years .


The North Sea Marine Music Corps had its name since it was set up on June 1, 1956. Due to a lack of personnel and instruments during the time of deployment, the ability to play was initially established together with the Baltic Sea Marine Music Corps in Kiel. It was stationed in the Admiral-Armin-Zimmermann-Kaserne in Sengwarden until 1958 , before it was relocated to the Ebkeriege-Kaserne in Wilhelmshaven for the rest of its service life .

The North Sea Marine Music Corps was initially subordinate to the North Sea Marine Section Command , then from 1965 to 1974 to the North Sea Marine Division , and later to the West Marine Section Command . In 2011 it was subordinated to the Armed Forces Office , and was thus part of the armed forces base . As part of the realignment of the Bundeswehr , it was decided in 2011 to reduce the number of music corps in the Bundeswehr and to dissolve the North Sea Marine Music Corps by the end of March 2014. On March 21, 2014, the North Sea Marine Music Corps was decommissioned with a military act in the Admiral-Zimmermann-Kaserne in Sengwarden with effect from March 31, 2014.

The uniform coat of arms and the Schellenbaum of the North Sea Marine Music Corps were made available as exhibits to the German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven .


The North Sea Marine Music Corps consisted of the large symphonic wind orchestra and other smaller ensembles.

  • Big Band
  • North Sea Combo
  • Brass quintet
  • Woodwind quintet
  • Board band


The heads of the North Sea Marine Music Corps were:

Period Rank Surname
1956-1957 Lieutenant captain Hermann Schäfer
1957-1965 Corvette Captain Emil Curt Kunz
1965-1972 Frigate captain Heinz strength
1972-1984 Frigate captain Hermann Goldbeck
1984-2000 Frigate captain Michael Wintering
2000-2001 Lieutenant captain Karl Kriner
2000-2003 Frigate captain Wolfgang Helm
2003-2014 Frigate captain Lutz Bammler

Sound carrier

The music corps has recorded the CDs Internationale Navemärsche , Kaleidoskop and Aus der Seemannskiste . Furthermore, the music corps recorded the album Navy Metal Night in February 2014 together with the band UDO . The recordings for this come from the Tuttlinger Stadthalle .


The budget committee of the Bundestag has decided that Wilhelmshaven will get a marine music corps again. The reorganization of the Wilhelmshaven Marine Music Corps took place in October 2019.

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