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The Markscheidewesen or the myelin sheath customer is an engineering discipline that approximately in the middle between Geodesy , mining and geology is located. The subject area originally - as the name Markscheide implies - includes planning and surveying activities associated with mining, but in the 20th century it also expanded to include raw material prospecting and parts of geophysics .

Training between technology and geosciences

Markscheidewesen is a course of study at Bergakademie Freiberg in the German-speaking area . In the past, the Mining University Leoben in Austria, the former Bergakademie Clausthal and the RWTH Aachen University Markscheidewesen taught. In Germany, the Deutsche Markscheider-Verein e. V. (DMV) the issues of the subject area, while in Austria they are also located in the chambers of engineers (special civil engineers for mine sheath studies). The organizational forms in Switzerland, South Tyrol and Belgium differ somewhat from this.

The downhole - measurements while working with similar geometric methods such as geodesy at the Earth's surface, but requires a number of specific instruments, hedging measures Vermarkungsmethoden - and above all a good knowledge of the economic geology , geology and petrography . For this reason, at some universities - supported by the increasingly interdisciplinary activities of many engineering sciences  - mining engineering is also combined with the study of mining engineering . a. is also active in the discovery and processing of raw materials, in ore smelting and partly in metal construction . From the point of view of the DMV, mine sheath studies are therefore an integrative subject for a wide range of interested parties in the raw materials industry and in networked (national and global ) structures. Similar to the surveyor as a representative of a relatively small but highly interdisciplinary species the language of civil engineer , architect, geotechnical engineers, land management, etc. needs to know the activities of the sets Mark Scheider good cooperation and clear communication with several branches of the earth sciences and the industry forward .

The study of mine surveying has about 50% of the content in common with surveying , with which it is combined at some training centers. In addition to courses in geology, geophysics, mechanical engineering, etc., it deepens a wide variety of physical measurement techniques and also extends (like geodesy) in the direction of geoinformation , IT / databases, management and environmental protection .

In the field of tension between technology, environment and economy

The job description of the markscheider includes self-employed and those working in the mining industry, representatives of / in authorities ( mining authorities , specialist ministries, etc.), at universities and in industrial development .

Because of their wide-ranging studies, Markscheider are active in many other branches of industry , authorities, offices and engineering offices in addition to mining , as well as appraisers or sworn experts between technology, environment and economy.

The mining and energy and raw materials industry are numerous tradeoffs coined. They often result from contradicting demands of sub-societies regarding the use of the earth's surface and the earth's interior . The mine separator can be in a key position here to work out solutions to problems, which can be seen in the main focus of mine work:

The national and global importance of the profession increases almost with the consumption of raw materials. Politics also demand security of supply with mineral and metallic raw materials as well as with crude oil / natural gas and bulk raw materials for the construction industry.

Mine separation serves this goal through the orderly , environmentally compatible and safe use of the deposits.

Minecraft activities in detail

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