Martin Schrettinger

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Martin Willibald Schrettinger OSB (born June 17, 1772 in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz , † April 12, 1851 in Munich ) was a German priest and librarian .


1793 he put in the Benedictine monastery Weißenohe (Bavaria) the profession from, in 1795 he received the ordination and from 1800 he worked as a monastery librarian. Versatile literary, musically and artistically gifted, he developed into one of the leading figures of the faction of the Enlightenment in his convent. In 1802 - shortly before the abolition of the monastery and in order to promote its abolition - he went to Munich , where the Royal Court Library employed him. In 1806 he became curator there and in 1823 sub-librarian. In 1839 he was - while retaining his position as librarian - canon at the Munich Abbey of St. Kajetan .


Schrettinger, together with Friedrich Adolf Ebert, is considered to be the founder of modern library science and was also the first to use this term. He was committed to a list of the library holdings according to subject groups and subdivisions and demanded that the holdings be indexed using an alphabetical author catalog and a location catalog . His " real catalog ", which he began in 1819 and was organized according to keywords , which even modern librarians sometimes still consult, remained unfinished.



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